Monday, November 8, 2010

Ruth and Brian with close friends and family at Art Space in Raleigh

Brian and Ruth were a joy. They're both very warm, welcoming people that make you feel that you've known them all your lives. We met once but then I got these fabulous emails from Ruth that just made me laugh. At one point she was worrying that I'd really show up and emailed: 'You just have to pinky promise you'll show up! (I need to stop reading horror stories online.)'
By the time Oct 10th of 2010 rolled around they were ready for their wedding emailing me, 'We are so ready to rock and roll, it's crazy!'

They were raised in two different religions but wanted a non-religious and non-traditional ceremony. Brian was raised in North Carolina and Ruth in Connecticut so just being around them you could enjoy the North and South differences in speech, manner and humor. Fun folks.

They were planning for 75 to 90 guests but had only 15 - 20 chairs for those who really needed them. And they had only one attendant each. So the stairs at Art Space in downtown Raleigh was perfect.

It's really a lovely venue for a small wedding. All that art around is a feast for the eyes and provides decor that is better than anything you could import. Just walking down the corridors seeing all the different artist's work made me want to move to Raleigh.

Randy Eaton with Kiss Bliss Photography was their photographer and their catering was by The Pit. Ruth did her own flowers and they used and I-Pod for the ceremony music.

I loved how they infused their wedding and their ceremony with their style and their radiance, having a great time, and then going to the beach for a few days.

When I think of them, I smile. I trust they'll have great lives. They've already started!

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