Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Wonderful Weddings for Ryan and Elena, Warren and Dani, and Chris and Julie

I've mentioned that the Divine sends me only wonderful couples and this Memorial Day Weekend proved that true yet again.  I was so delighted that each couple's wedding could take place in the sunshine just as they planned it.

I have professional photographs for only one of the weddings so far.  As I get more photographs I'll add them to this post.  I find that if I try to get lots of pictures it scatters my energy when I really just want to center and be very present for the bride and groom.  That is my delight.
On Friday evening, I got to marry Ryan and Elena.  They've been together four and a half years and had to spend two years of that commuting between separate cities to be together.  That's a wonderful way to work things out in a relationship and to get really clear about what you both want.  I laud them for making it work for them.  They're a delight and the Carolina Inn Bryan Courtyard was the perfect place for their elegant intimate wedding.  Debbie Wrenn, who works with Angie Wright of Chic Details was a huge help in ensuring that everything ran smoothly. Below is a picture she took with my DROID of the ceremony and of our string musicians from Musica Music, who were excellent.  I look forward to having pictures from Neil Boyd Photography to add to these casual ones.

On Saturday afternoon I got to marry Dani and Warren who flew down from NYC with his friends and children to be with Dani's family for the occasion.  I loved creating their ceremony over email because they were very clear about what they wanted to express about their love for each other.  We created a beautiful ceremony to honor their love.  And it was my first time to officiate a wedding on the new Overlook patio at Duke Gardens.

They had about 30 people in attendance with a neighbor taking all the pictures.  It was a small intimate wedding and the Overlook is perfect for that.  And it was in the shade.

On Saturday evening I was back at The Carolina Inn to marry Julie and Chris.  Their photographer, Shane Snider, of Shane Snider Photography, was very generous in sharing these photographs with me.  Julie and Chris did a sweet thing after their ceremony - they released the rows themselves, greeting each person as they left the ceremony.  Below is the Hill Courtyard.  This setting is best on a quiet evening since the road noise from Columbia Street can be loud.  But it wasn't on this Saturday evening and it was even cool and comfortable.
 I love technology when it can bring grandparents who can't travel to the event!.. This makes a great picture. Julie and Chris live in Ohio and are delightfully laid back.  They were also in the good hands of wedding planner Sally Oakley and her assistant, Suzanne.  And everything went perfectly.

They both had those wonderful grins all the way through the ceremony.  They were soooo happy. They met in 2008 and knew at once they had found a kindred spirit.  They both love each other, their families and their dogs, and delight in the life they've created together.  And I am so happy for them, too.

And it's always good for me to hear from them that all is well.  I got this sweet email from Julie just a couple of days ago:  'We really did appreciate the amazing job that you did and cannot thank you enough!! '

All of these couples will add to the sum of joy in the world and that is a great gift in my life.   I, too, have the happiest of marriages, and I hope by my joy, and my delight for them, I have furthered them in creating theirs.  Blessed Be!