Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Jon and Jill Married at The Angus Barns

I married Jon and Jill last August at The Pavilions at Angus Barn but just happened to communicate with their wonderful photographer, Cara of F8 Photo Studios because we worked together on another wedding this January.  She graciously provided me with pictures of Jon and Jill's wedding when we'd both been too busy last year to have time to showcase their gorgeous wedding.  

It was a really hot day!  That said, it was a really wonderful day, too.  Jon and Jill seem meant for each other. It was one of those wonderful stories that we told a little about in their wedding ceremony:  'You both were surprised by love that conspired to find you in North Carolina when you’d unknowingly lived just a few blocks from each other in Chicago.  Love does truly manage to find us in unexpected places and ways. We share today in the amazing grace of your love for each other.'  The twinkle in their eyes when they talk about each other is the other real give away.

The pavilions at Angus Barns is a great place for an outdoor wedding.  And the staff is really great and responsive.  I had done another wedding there that we pushed up 1/2 hour because a rain front was moving in and I was amazed at how quickly the staff just got it all done.  Ashley, was the coordinator for Jon and Jill's wedding and was also amazing.  Their Maid of Honor got a little dizzy in the heat and the staff was right there with a golf cart to make sure she had the support she needed.

And the water always helps make everything feel a little bit cooler.

The fuzzy pictures are the ones I took.  Either it's the heat or my ability to focus my DROID. I wanted you to see the pavilions from the ceremony site.  Here everyone is walking out to be seated for the ceremony.  When it's hot, we let folks stay in the cool as long as possible.
Here's the inside of the pavilions, pristine before any of the guests arrived for the reception.

Jon entered the ceremony to the music of Colin Hay’s ‘Waiting for my Real Life to Begin.'  I love when couples find fun new music to offer.  Brian McGuire of McSound Productions was our illustrious DJ.  I was glad he had a tent over his equipment.  He's always great.
I loved their flowers and was amazed that they looked so glorious in the heat.  We have Michael McLamb of Fleurtations Weddings andEvents to thank for that.

Jon and Jill each read special words of thanks to their parents and then gave each mother a white rose.  I don't think they'd mind me sharing those words with you.

Jon said:      Mom and Dad, I don’t know if I’ve ever expressed to you how truly grateful I am for the job you did raising me.  Let’s face it – I doubt you knew what you were signing up for when I came into your lives.  But with warmth, with caring, and with great humor, you guided me, supported me, and helped me become the man that I am today.  Thank you.

Jill said:    Mom, Dad – I know I haven’t told you often enough how much you mean to me, and how proud I am to be your daughter. You have raised me from a tomboyish little girl to a mature woman with love, laughter, lots of firm discipline and the abiding belief that I could do anything I wanted to do. Thank you for your constant love and support, and I love you both very much.   

A beautiful part of the vows they shared were:  'I acknowledge my love for you and invite you to share my life as I share yours. I promise to walk by your side, to love, help and encourage you.
I will share your laughter and your tears as your partner, lover and friend.'

Thanks to Cinda Putnam of Cinda's Creative Cakes for another masterpiece!

They sent me a wonderful thank you note after they got home from their honeymoon.  'Jon and I are still on a "wedding high" - we really enjoyed our celebration and reception tremendously, and want to thank you again for being such an amazing and integral part of the whole occasion. We received many comments from guests about how much they like the ceremony and also you as the officiant, and Jon and I certainly feel the same way. It was a wonderful day, and we thank you for helping to make it all possible.'

I was delighted to be a part of their life at this special moment.  It still brings a smile to my heart.
I wish them many blessings and much love, and long life.

Michael and Brittany Marry on St. Patrick's Day at 1705 Prime in Raleigh

I couldn't be more pleased for Michael and Brittany!  My husband and I sat next to them at the DPAC performance of 'Avenue Q' and I liked them immediately.  It was a Yelp event and that meant we had even more in common.  They're a wonderful couple who enjoy having fun and who treat each other with love and affection.  That I got to marry them was a real bonus.

I was glad their day was a glorious one in this mild winter we'd been having.  The first perfect Saturday for an outdoor wedding.  Thank you first to Tonya, of Poprock Photography for these wonderful shots.  She was a joy to work with, has a classy style, and definitely fit in with the spirit of the wedding.

The steps of 1705 Prime (part of Rocky Top Catering)  provided a lovely backdrop, and Brittany's aunt, a cellist, and members of the NC Symphony orchestra graced us with beautiful music.  Thanks, too, to Lenny Fritts, who is always a wonderful DJ to work with, and a consummate professional.  He provided the music for the reception and the amplification for me for the ceremony.

Jennifer Carlin, the events coordinator at 1705 Prime, did a great job, too.  I am so appreciative when their is supportive staff provided by the venue.  It makes all the difference in making sure not only the big needs are taken care of but that the small needs are, too.  Everyone breathes a little easier.  And that's important for enjoying a wedding.

Brittany and Michael wanted a ceremony that was warm and loving, that was about them and their love.  They both are close to their families and it showed.  Brittany's two sisters were her attendants and Michael's four brothers were in attendance and giving him the playful teasing only close brothers can give. 

Brittany made special bouquets for herself and her sisters with jewelry included with the natural flowers.  It was really stunning and I'd never seen it done before.

Michael didn't lose the opportunity for the BIG KISS and pulled it off with style.  But first, there was a veil to contend with.

I don't know who provided these lovely confections but I'll have to ask.  They are really gorgeous.

1705 Prime has a wonderful wood dance floor inside with a very intimate feel for the restaurant. 
I think it's one of their best features.

The wedding party after the ceremony, just moments from celebrating.

In their wedding blessing I said, "We wish for you joy - a joy that makes you laugh out loud.  A joy that lights your eyes and fills your soul, and a joy that shouts to the world of your happiness with one another."  And indeed I wish that for them - for every day of their lives.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Darius and Katrina With A Holiday Wedding At The Morehead Manor in Durham

 Darius and Katrina introduced me to the lovely Morehead Manor near downtown Durham.  Their friend, Monica Edwards is the innkeeper.  And Meritage Music & Photography was their photographer for these wonderful pictures.    They were delighted to have the spiritual ceremony that they had always wanted and they gathered a wonderful group of professionals to bring their vision to life.

Sarah’s Creations Florist was their florist.  Their cake was created by Favor Desserts
 Intimate Affairs Catering & Event Planning catered their wedding lunch, and ClassyTransportation is responsible for that amazing car in the picture below.

Katrina entered into the foyer for the ceremony down a long curving staircase that isn't in the pictures.  I was standing in the small alcove that is just inside the front door and guests were seated in the foyer and just in the entrance to the rooms off the foyer.  It worked well.

Not a great picture of me, but it captured the sweetness of the attention and affection Katrina and Darius showed each other all through their ceremony, and in fact every time I met them.

 Darius and Katrina wrote their own vows that spoke much of what is in their hearts.  Everyone clapped and cheered when they kissed knowing that this was a love that was deep and full.  We were all delighted to share this special moment with them.
I love how they spared no attention to the details they wanted to make their day special.  This car, as I mentioned above is from Classy Transportation.
 I include this picture because it was a sweet moment for me.  We offered a prayer for Darius and Katrina and their marriage in the room where Katrina was dressing just before their ceremony.
Katrina and Darius were a joy to work with and get to know.  I send them much love and many blessings!

Ricky and Kelly Marry at The Washington Duke

I've been taking a break from blogging.  A winter hibernation, you could say.  But Ricky and Kelly's New Year's Wedding at The Washington Duke Inn in Durham was too beautiful to not tell you about.  Amanda Krantz from C2 Photo Concepts took these lovely pictures.

The wedding was in the small rotunda room at the inn, just perfect for their small wedding.  Thanks to Beth Pendergrast, too, for her great coordination efforts that day on behalf of the inn.

Kelly's mother escorted her into the ceremony 

It was a small intimate ceremony for close family and friends, the room just large enough for the about people who attended.  Kelly's sister and Ricky's stepfather were the Matron of Honor and Best Man.  A friend even operated the IPOD for their ceremony music.

It was also a joy to celebrate their daughter, Ella, who was really patient with all the festivities happening around her.
The Christmas decorations with their theme of red and black was perfect for pictures.

After the ceremony, the Ricky, Kelly and their guests simply walked down the hall for their lunch reception.

Veronica Yoshida, of Southern Gold Leaf Cakes made their wonderful cake. 

I wish them so much happiness.  Even these few months later, they still bring a smile to my heart.