Thursday, June 16, 2011

Len and Kristy Marry at Pine Lake Pavilion on May 21st

Len and Kristy are such fun people.  It was a treat to marry them.  This is one of the weddings there I thought it would be good for me to have a box to stand on.  Kristy and Len are both tall and make a really handsome couple.  

I felt really short which doesn't usually happen to me.  Luckily I had a microphone and could speak from between them.

It was a fabulous May day.  Just before the real NC summer heat hit.  Kristy and Len have known each other for over 10 years and had lots of years commuting in a long distance relationship.  They love their 2 horses, their 3 dogs and their 10 acres.  And they had a wonderful group of friends and family to celebrate with them.

They also had Jennifer Ball of Pine Lake Pavilion (in the white shirt) to make sure their day went smoothly.  And she is a master at that.  I always love working with her.

 Thanks too to their photographer, 2and3 Photography, Thad and Sarah Lawrence.  All the good pictures on this blogpost are theirs.  Mine are the dark or blurry ones.

And their DJ Allen Smith of SPIN.

They were all a joy to work with.  Also their florist was Flowers by Gary who has impeccable taste and always does stunning work.  Their cake was by Delicious bakery in Greensboro.  You'll see a picture of that, too.

Pine Lake Pavilion is about 5 minutes drive off I-40/I-85 at the Mebane Oaks exit, the same exit as the new Tanger outlet mall.  You feel like you're out in the country and you are but it's accessible, cultivated, quiet, and very beautiful.  And it accommodates a large wedding gathering if you have one.  Besides, the lake is beautiful.

This is my picture looking out  to the ceremony site in the distance from the entrance to the reception tent.  Same day.  Different camera.

The acreage around Pine Lake Pavilion has all sorts of wonderful spots for pictures.  Here are some special ones that Thad and Sarah took of Kristy and Len.


Len and Kristy also love country music and I had the joy of having it in the processional with the song, 'One Woman' by the Randy Rogers Band.

In this blog, you get to see how really lovely Pine Lake Pavilion is, and how it's perfect if you want a horse and carriage entrance.  

And exit.

It was a perfect day for it. 
Len and Kristy had special words of thanks for their parents, and then their friend Kim offered James Dillet Freeman's 'Blessing for a Marriage.'  They wrote their own vows and sent them to me separately before the ceremony so that I could carry them in for them.  Then in their exchange of rings we noted that the wedding ring is word on the third finger because of an ancient Greek belief that a vein from that finger connected directly to the heart, thus symbolizing the depth and sincerity of love.


 At the beginning of the ceremony, Len and Kristy's mothers added a little bit of red and white sand to the bottom of the sand ceremony vase, to symbolize the life and love given to Kristy and Len by their mothers, then Len and Kristy poured their sand, indicating that they are no longer two, but one, never to be separated from one another.


 They are joyful playful people and I loved seeing this picture of them receiving all the accolades from their friends.

We ended the blessing upon their marriage with the words, 'Go now in great happiness.'  And I have no doubts that they did.

Here is the reception tent set up for their reception.  Once again it's my picture that is dark.


And this is their delightfully playful cake by Delicious Bakery in Greensboro.


I wish them a lifetime of happiness.  And I trust they'll have it.

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