Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Laurie and Ricky Wed at the Doubletree Hotel In Raleigh

 Laurie and Ricky and their daughter Autumn were a joy.  This was a long anticipated celebration of their being a family as well as their wedding.  They almost lost their daughter to illness and the close group of friends who had stood by them during this time were their wedding party.  Laurie and Ricky had been together for three years and known each other for seven or eight years.  They had stood by each other through trials and troubles and now all that was over, and it was time to celebrate.  
The Doubletree Hotel in Raleigh was the perfect place for their small intimate wedding where all the well loved young children could run around a little and still be contained.  Laurie loves that Ricky know how to make her laugh, and their mutual sense of humor was a delight to see as they flowed with the unexpected happenings of having children in the ceremony can bring.
Autumn is a cutie and much loved.  To honor their commitment to her and to their family, they had a sand ceremony, and helped her with the pouring of her sand.
 We also honored their parents in the ceremony and we had a moment of silence for Ricky's father and their grandparents who were there in spirit and in love.  This was a family affair in so many ways.  Ricky's mother, Deb, helped to make the bouquets and boutonnieres, and Marissa Mezzacappa made the cupcakes and cake.
 Thanks to Dee Shaupe and her husband for these lovely photographs.