Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Matt and Jillian Marry to the Strains of the Beach Boys

 Matt and Jillian have wonderful playful natures that came out in a lovely way in their ceremony.  They love inner city Raleigh and enjoyed showing off sweet St. Mark's Chapel in Mordecai Historic Park to their guests.  I've done so many weddings at this chapel and it is such a special place, I was delighted that Jillian and Matt found it.  I never seem to have enough pictures to show off how wonderful this chapel is.  The picture above is under the wine trellis at the back of the park.  I've also officiated a wedding there.  There are just lots of gorgeous places in the small urban one-square-block park.

Matt and Jillian had a gorgeous fall day.  They had about 50 guests which meant a full house in the chapel.  They each had 2 attendants and if you notice the women's dresses, they were vintage bought off the internet.  What a find!  Jillian's dress was vintage, too, with heavy wonderful lace.  Here is their wedding party on the steps of the Mordecai Historic House.  By the way, for those unfamiliar with the park.  The women have the little green building as a dressing room.

Jillian and Matt just used a boom box that his father operated from the front pew.  I loved the image of him holding the boombox with the Beach Boys, 'Wouldn't It Be Nice' ringing off the walls.  That was the processional.  Jillian entered to 'God Only Knows' by the Beach Boys and I don't have written what Matt had planned for the recessional.  It was to be a surprise for Jillian so I didn't have it in my book.  They wanted a classic romantic loving ceremony and they had just that.  The little chapel will filled with joy.  One reason I love that chapel so much is that it is perfect for a small intimate wedding by providing just beautiful architectural lines, the patina of old wood lovingly kept, and lots of light.  It was a treat to celebrate with them.

Friends and family contributed in all the other ways to the wedding.  Jillian's bouquet of old fashioned roses that are full and lush and look like peonies was made by a family member, and Jillian's cousin, Deena, was our photographer.  Thank you Deena, these are wonderful pictures.  The reception was at their home nearby catered by Red, Hot and Blue Barbecue.  

The two pictures above were taken by my DROID.  You can blame the fuzziness on that.

I received a hand written snail-mailed thank you card from them with the note:  'Matt and I knew you were the perfect officiant for us - the beautiful ceremony validated that, too.  The care you took with it was so impressive, our friends and family all have been saying it was the most thoughtful and intimate ceremony they've ever attended.  We can't thank you enough.  Love and best wishes,  Matt and Jillian.'

I was delighted to have them in my life.  If only for a little while, it was an important little while.  And I'm grateful.

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