Monday, August 10, 2009

David and Andrea's Wedding June 27th

I performed a simple ceremony for David and Andrea on this quiet Saturday evening in a small ceremony at Yates Mill Pond in Raleigh, off Lake Wheeler Road.

The park let them use the small 4-row semi-circular amphitheater at no cost but they couldn't reserve the spot. So our small group of thirteen, made up of family and friends met in the parking lot and made our way down the short path to the amphitheater.

Andrea's father came all the way from Denmark to give her away.

David and Andrea had several milestones in the last three months. They were pregnant with twins and had just bought a house. After this final milestone of their wedding, they were going to rest up for the arrival of their twin girls. They hoped for a larger celebration after the birth of their girls but family and friends were joyful as we met the photographer and carried the CD player to the small private setting.

Andrea and David felt that fate had somehow guided them to each other. They met on Facebook here in NC but they found that they had been in the same place at the same time five times in their past up in the small town they both came from in Connecticut.
In this ceremony we celebrated both their commitment to each other with the beautiful ceremony of Celtic Handfasting, and we celebrated the new family they are creating with special words of welcome for their daughters.

It was a hot North Carolina muggy Saturday so they made sure that everyone had plenty of cold water around. Last pictures were taken on the bridge over the pond as everyone enjoyed a champagne toast before this loving group of family and friends went off to dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Gina McLean Photography provided the wonderful pictures for the event.

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