Saturday, May 8, 2010

Renee, Andre, Emmet, and a Cat Named Cheezy Pete

It's impossible to describe Andre and Renee's wedding on May 1st at their home without mentioning their animal companions who they love like children. I love this about them. I have my own inter-species romance with our Senegal Parrot named Mango. I understand how our furred and feathered friends expand our world, keep us humble, teach us how to love, and remind us how to take things in stride. In the picture above, we're looking at the meows that Chessy Pete is making from the window of the house during the ceremony.

And here is Cheezy Pete looking back.

When we gathered for Andre and Renee's wedding at their home, their animals were very much included.

It was important for Renee and Andre to include their parents in spirit, too, even though Andre's parents had passed on and Renee's parents weren't able to be with us.
I loved this about their ceremony and their hearts. As a minister you learn how to create and honor sacred space. Andre and Renee had an intuitive understanding of both the power and the presence of that intention and created it beautifully in their front yard for their ceremony. Here are pictures of Andre and his family, here is memory and spirit.

Here are pictures of Renee and her family.

Though, too, her three sisters were very much there in person.
I love seeing sisters together. Having two sisters myself, I know how the relationship most often softens and becomes closer in adulthood as you let go of childhood resentments and can once again laugh with the people with whom you've shared almost your whole life. It was fun to see them together enjoying each other in their quirks, gifts, and graces.

Pan, short for Pandora, and her friend played classical fiddle music on the porch. It was gentle and had a soft sweetness just right for this front yard intimate ceremony. You can find her on my musicians vendor page.

Emmet, Renee's 10 year old yellow Lab, walked Renee down the aisle, his attire complete with tie to make the occasion formal.

And Renee is carrying one huge stunning hydrangea blossom as her bouquet from a bush that is now planted in their yard.
It worked beautifully.

Andre and Renee are, they're proud to state, two very different people. Two different people who've found how to relish new perspectives on life through loving each other. And in their loving they've found that happiness comes when we don't require the other to fit any mold but to wholly and joyfully be themselves.

As I left them on their wedding day they were just getting the party going. I knew that it would go on, in some way or another, for the rest of their lives.

There were lots of friends who helped them create their special day. First of all there were their friends from The City Tap in Pittsboro, where they met. And their cake was from Sugarland in Chapel Hill. And they had whoopy pies from Larry's Famous Cheesecake in Pittsboro. Their fabulous food was from Angelina's Kitchen also in Pittsboro.

And their rings were from Creative Metalsmith's in Chapel Hill.

Here's a final picture taken of them at The City Tap. They have a wonderful community of friends who helped them celebrate.....and continue celebrating.
What a blessing!

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