Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kourosh and Lauren Marry at St. David's Chapel in Raleigh

It's been a long while since I've done a blog.  I traveled much of the summer then life picked up at a quick pace with many wonderful couples.  I wanted to make sure to take a special moment to honor Kourosh and Lauren in my life.  They were a delight, I loved getting to know them and to learn about their love for each other, their love for their families and friends, and their generosity to all who know them.
Some couples especially touch your life in a way that heartens your faith in the future.  Lauren and Kourosh were one such couple.

Thanks to Robyn of Robyn Van Dyke Photography for these wonderful pictures!  I so appreciate having them.
They both share a sense of humor and a deep sense of play, as you can tell by Kourosh's great smile as he's seeing Lauren in her dress for the first time.

Their wedding was held in gorgeous St. David's Chapel at St. David's School in Raleigh on May 10th of this year.  That ceremony was preceded by a Persian Ceremony on the same day.  They were very married by the end of the day!

I loved officiating their ceremony in this chapel because it felt spacious and wide open, like their love.   The chapel is so lovely.  You can see how unique it is with the seating to the side. 
They both come from closer families and both sets of their parents are still married.  Their parents are neighbors and their sisters are best friends, and excited to now be family.  Here is Kourosh shaking Lauren's father's hand.
 We had special words of appreciation for their parents and asked each family to affirm and support their choice of partners, which they did joyfully!  They are smiling at their parents at this moment.
 In their ceremony we offered these words: 'In the Persian and Christian traditions, marriage is a sign of God's intention for wholeness in all creation.  That creative purpose is still at work.  The joining together of two persons into one unique, intimate, and creative unity in marriage is therefor not only a symbol but also a demonstration of the well being, and the purpose of human society.  And so, marriage is truly a celebration of God's work in creation.'

 Thanks, too, to Michael McLamb at Fleurtations for these beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements.  It takes a unique skill to create flowers to enhance a large space.  These are wonderful.
In their vows they promised to continue to cherish their union, and I have no doubt that they will.
 We also had a salt covenant as a part of their ceremony to symbolize their binding themselves to one another in an unbreakable promise of friendship, honesty, loyalty and love.
 In our blessing we said that we all offer blessings that their love, joy, and friendship will be renewed daily.  May they play and love together for a lifetime!  I send them love!

Also making their wedding day special were Paul Harris, our organist at their wedding, the North Ridge Country Club where their reception was held, DJed by Mark McNally with Joe Bunn DJ, and Danielle Ettefagh created their cake.  You can find her at Pinterest and at Classy Kids Cooking.  I bet it was a labor of love.

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