Friday, November 8, 2013

Pete and Alyssa have a Sweet Wedding Ceremony in J. C. Raulston Arboretum's White Garden

Alyssa is an art teacher and has a lovely personal style and flair. She signs her emails now:, 'artist, art teacher, wife of pete, do-gooder, day-dreamer'.   I thoroughly enjoyed seeing that come to life in her and Pete's wedding.  Pete and Alyssa met in college but didn't know each other then.  Then a couple of years after she graduated they met again at a concert with mutual friends and have now been together almost four years.  They cherish that they are good friends, equals, encouraging each other, accepting each other, and respecting each other's kindness, openness, consideration, and commitment to their future.  It was a joy to celebrate their deep love for each other.  Thank you to Sabrina Duffy of Sabrina Duffy Photography for these lovely photos!
 The White Garden in J. C. Raulston Arboretum is the perfect place for a small wedding with lots of good possibilities for out door photographs.  Pete and Alyssa's wedding was the first wedding I had done there that also had their reception in the garden on the rooftop terrace.  They and their friends did all the decorations and it was so perfect for the arboretum, simple, joyful, green!
 Pete and Alyssa chose a classic Celtic Handfasting Ceremony to honor the ties they were creating with each other in their marriage.  I tied their hands together, tying another knot with each promise they made to share their laughter and joy, to encourage each other's dreams and aspirations, and to treat each other with respect and kindness. 
 Then they exchanged rings as symbols of the ties that had just made and the promises they had given.
 Theirs was a tender, sweet ceremony and it fit them perfectly.  They are thoughtful considerate people, generous and kind, much loved by everyone there.
I got this very special note from them after their ceremony:   'Thank you again for everything you've done for Pete and I. I know that sounds like such a blanket statement, but please believe me when I say that we were so beyond happy with having you for our day. We are so excited to be married with a wedding we almost didn't think could be so great. It almost makes me emotional to look back and be able to say that we had such a perfect ceremony. You were so wonderful and we're very appreciative.'
To give credit to the other wonderful local professionals who made their wedding such a success:  Whole Foods in Raleigh did their flowers and their cake, Laura Zeiger at Neomonde Deli provided the catering.

I wish them many many happy years together.  They have begun their marriage in much love surrounded by those who love them.  What better beginning can there be.

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  1. What a perfect couple. Bride's dress is exquisite! your captures are brilliant and wonderful. These pics remind me of new york wedding venue.