Thursday, September 9, 2010

Santiago and Anne in Spanish and English

On Aug 7th, Santiago and Anne had gathered their closest family and friends at The Celebrity Dairy in Siler City for the weekend to celebrate their marriage.

Santiago's family is from Argentina and he and Anne met while Anne was studying in Argentina. Now, after more than six years later and after having lived in DC and Vancouver, Santiago is studying for his Ph.D. in Spanish at UNC .

Because some family did not speak both languages, and because the language of their heart was different for Santiago and Anne, they decided that their ceremony needed to be done in both English and Spanish. Anne would say her vows in English and Santiago would say his in Spanish. How best to do this?

Here is where Sarah entered the picture and was not only a huge help but her presence was a delight. Also a Ph.D. student in Spanish at UNC, she officiated with me. After each paragraph that I offered in English, she offered the same paragraph in Spanish. We practiced inflection and timing together and it was a treat to be able to be so much more inclusive with her help than we ever could have been with the ceremony spoken in only one language.

And The Celebrity Dairy was a wonderful location for their intimate family gathering. Easy and comfortable, we strung wires for the sound system where we needed to and started when everyone was ready.

Wonderful photographer Robin Lin took all the pictures you see here.
Oh - the wedding party entered to the music 'Te busco y te encuentro.' It was especially lovely.

At the end of the ceremony, as is in the first picture, we showered them with rose petals, a wonderful change from the custom of throwing rice.

Sugarland Bakery in Chapel Hill created their delicious cake. Celebrity Dairy also did their catering, and their excellent DJ (thank you Darren for all your help) was Darren Hunicutt.

Here's a picture of the Dairy you don't see often. I've never done a ceremony on their front porch. I usually do them on the left side of the house on the lawn, but it looks possible and the porch is also great for hanging out.

I wish them all the best as they take this new step into marriage. I have do doubts that they will do fine.

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