Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tony and Melissa Marry At Revolution Mills in Greensboro

Mel and Tony have been together eight years, knowing each other since Latin class in their junior year of high school and keeping many of the same friends all this time. They've had times living apart in distant cities (two and a half years) and times together as they did that wonderful discovery after leaving home we each do of finding out who we really are on our own.

So many people came up to me after their ceremony on August 21st telling me that Mel and Tony had done it right. Here were their families, who'd also grown closer over the past eight years and all their friends from high school, college and work celebrating Tony and Mel's love. They got engaged in 2009 when Tony proposed at The Sacre Coeur in Paris. How wonderful is that! Now they've started their family with Lulu, the Beagle-Shepherd mix puppy and they've just gotten back from their honeymoon.

It's the first time I'd been to Revolution Mills in Greensboro. It has a classic beauty outside in the courtyard and the inside reminds me of a combination of Bay 7 at The American Tobacco Campus and The Cotton Room in downtown Durham. It's a renovated mill but this one has the courtyard that's a perfect place for a wedding.

Their dear friend, Carol Green of Down The Aisle With You, was their wedding coordinator and was great. We needed her because the layout of the seating was narrow and deep and Mel's and Tony's wedding party was large. But oh so pretty.

I love these pictures of their reception inside. It was jazzy and fun.

I don't officiate as much in Greensboro so don't know the vendors as well but I want to tell you their names because the reception looked like it would be fantastic. But I didn't stay, opting to be with my Sweetie. Tony and Mel said it was great!

Their photographers were Elisa Henry and Trey from inContrast - also family friends. But the pictures you see are mine. This is after the ceremony while Elisa was taking pictures. I hope to have some of theirs soon and if so, will add them to the blog.

Their cake was by Jennifer Nichols from Buy Me Cake. Their florist was Dell Nichols, their catering by Culinary Visions and their DJ was Brad Adler from DJParty4U.

Revolution Mills has a sound system in the courtyard that I could just plug my headset mic into. It was really handy. They were a huge support too, on the spot with assistance during the rehearsal and the wedding.

Melissa sent me a note after they returned from their honeymoon which said, 'I wanted to say thank you so much for everything you did. The wedding was incredible and we've gotten so many compliments on the ceremony and how personal and heart-felt it was. It went perfectly. ...
Thanks again for a perfect day; I can't thank you enough!!!'

It's a treat for me to thank them, too. They're a couple that's easy to love - openhearted, down to earth, easy going with the right priorities, and just fun. I wish them all the best!

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