Friday, April 22, 2011

Brad and Erin Marry on April 2nd at MacGregor Downs Country Club in Cary

On April 2nd I got to marry Brad and Erin. A delightful couple, (the Universe brings me really wonderful people) Erin and Brad feel especially blessed since Brad was in a really bad car crash just 2 years ago. Neither like to be the center of attention yet they both were full of poise and grace during their wedding ceremony. And there was an obstacle to overcome. The wind was really really strong, as you'll see in the pictures. My headset had broken too and so Mike Morse provided me with this one. Of course, I like mine better (smaller and flesh colored - and now fixed!) but this was a big help.

Thank you to David Kuhn of Kuhn's Photography for these wonderful photos. If there is a hazy one or two they're the ones from my Droid. It acts mysteriously every once in a while. Thank you to Allison Vidana, the wonderful staff member at MacGregor Downs Country Club in Cary who took my Droid photos and helped with every other aspect of the rehearsal and wedding! Even from my Droid pictures you can see what a lovely ceremony it was.

Erin and Brad chose 'Marry Me' by Train as their processional. It was great to see their fun personalities show up all through their ceremony. They also showed up in the wonderful purple/fuchsia, what is that color?, that the men had in their ties, and the women had in their dresses.

In Erin and Brad's ceremony we had the words, 'Through the challenges you will face, you can rest assured that your love and commitment for one another make you an unbeatable team.' And they seem just that.

Erin and Brad chose to do a sand ceremony as part of their wedding, having their parents pour the first layer of sand representing the heritage of their family, as well as the love, relationship, and history that their families have given them. This formed the foundation of their marriage and a base for Brad and Erin to go forward.

Then Erin and Brad poured their individual containers of purple and green sand into the container uniting their lives inextricably. We added our hope that they would add sand from the various places they visit as a married couple emphasizing that their bond of love will increase with the experiences they share and value together. (I then asked the groomsmen to hold the empty glass containers fearing they'd blow off the table.)

I had fun pronouncing them married. They both have a loving considerate nature, and from meeting their families I can see where they get it. I'm delighted for them and wish them a lifetime of happiness.

The Flower Cupboard of Cary provided Erin's and her attendants' flowers, The Cupcake Shoppe in Raleigh provided her cupcakes, and Mike Morse of Morse Entertainment was their DJ who valiantly worked with me to manage the sound.

It was a wonderful occasion! And may their days be good and long upon the earth!

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