Monday, May 2, 2011

Neither Rain Nor Tornadoes Dimmed Amanda and Troy's Wedding at Duke Gardens

Planning a wedding can be daunting in the best of times. Now try planning it from England and happening to get the last time available at the Sarah P Duke Gardens pergola for 10 am on April 16th. They felt lucky to get any time at all but were unsure about 10 am. But for Troy and Amanda it turned out perfectly in so many ways.

First of course it that they were getting married! Then they had just flown back from Britain the week before in the process of moving back to the states. Here again, everything worked out. Luckily they're flexible and delightfully happy people. Another huge miracle is that the horrible rains from that weekend slackened at the time of their wedding so it was damp but not wet and the pictures came out wonderfully. It was starting to rain just as I left after the ceremony and they were finishing up pictures. You can tell. :-)

Thanks to Ron White Photography from Atlanta, GA, their photographer for these great pictures. These two met over their passion for soccer then discovered shared passion for so many other things - food, art, music. The reading they chose for their ceremony was 'Love is Friendship Caught Fire' by Laura Hendricks, a wonderful image and a wonderful piece.

Their sisters were their attendants and only 13 of their family members were able to be with them so we mentioned that we missed the others and Troy and Amanda were going to travel to see them after they returned from their honeymoon.

Amanda and Troy went to Antigua for their wonderful honeymoon with lots of beach and sand. They sent me this note after they got back. 'Hello Robin, Thank you, the ceremony was great! You did a wonderful job, and we really appreciate all of your help leading up to the big day to make it possible. We were on our honeymoon to Antigua from the 21-26th. It was warm and sunny everyday! :) .... Thank you again for everything, Amanda & Troy

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