Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dan and Alex Marry to The Sound of Steel Drums! A Wonderful Occasion

Thank you to Mark Riedy of MegaHertz Studios for these great photos.  He had them available for Dan and Alex who sent them to us the very next day.  It was such a treat to have them right there to keep the sparkle of their wedding going.

Dan and Alex are a delight.  They've been together 6 years and are friends who love to share the adventures of life together.  This was quite a celebration at her father's home in downtown Raleigh on the evening of June 11th, luckily right before the storms blew through.  

Both of her parents walked Alex around the back of the house to enter into the back garden.

Here Dan's daughter Kelly is reading from 'The Velveteen Rabbit' by Margery Williams Bianco.

Inside, after the ceremony, everyone gathered for cake and a champagne toast.

Alex and Dan didn't want idealistic words in their ceremony, just wanting to honor the respect,equality, and how they cherish the love they have formed.  In their vows they spoke of loving each other when they're together and when they're apart, when life is peaceful and when it's disordered, in times of leisure and in times of work.  Their vows continued, at the end, with them promising to honor each other's dreams and help them fulfill them.  Their vows fit them and their love for each other.

Mickey Mills, their steel drum musician who is listed with Sea Sound Studio,created a wonderful atmosphere.

Alex sent me these kinds words after her wedding:

'Thank you so much for all of your help and support! You were awesome from our first meeting to the declaration of our vows. Your positive energy was very stabilizing during the rehersal and actual wedding day. 

Dan and I enjoyed your book so much, going through and having help verbalizing our feelings for each other and our goals in commitment to each other in a unique and personal way made our ceremony so unique and intimate. Its more difficult than we expected putting into words what we wanted our of our marriage, and your book was perfect for choosing the words we were searching for. 

We plan on looking back at our vows from time to time to remember the goals we have set for each other. All of our friends requested a copy as well they loved them so much! On the night of the rehersal you reminded everyone to slow down and enjoy, especially Dan and me. This was crucial, also during the ceremony I loved how you paused during our vows and after readings to give us and our friends a moment to soak everything in. It was magical and better than I could have ever imagined.' 

I loved being a part of their lives and I wish them a life full of many many blessings and adventures.

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