Thursday, June 16, 2011

May 22nd Vinnie and Cara Wed at Caffé Luna in Raleigh

I met Vinnie and Cara last fall and knew then that I'd love doing their ceremony.  They had been together 8 years at that time, having met at ECU when they were both students.  They were friends for the first couple of years and their friendship had blossomed into a lasting love.  They had promised themselves that their partner would be their best friend.

About 80 guests of close friends and family celebrated with them at the Caffé Luna.  What was most important to them was that there be an atmosphere of love and to thank their supportive family and friends.

These first two photos show how this small long room was set up for their ceremony, first looking from the ceremony site back into the room, then from the room to the ceremony site. Their reception would be in the room to the right.  It accommodated the number well but I was glad I brought my sound system.  We needed it.  

The above shots of the caffé were mine.  All the other photos (the great ones) are by our photographer, the wonderful Melissa Stallings of Melissa Stallings Photography.  Thanks, Melissa!  Below is the room where their reception was held.

When they exchanges rings, they offered these words to each other, 'With this ring, I pledge my love to you.  May it remind you that I am with you wherever you go, and that you are with me in all my thoughts and actions.'

A wonderful this about this venue is that it's located in downtown Raleigh right near so much great architecture.  I don't know where Melissa got this shot but I love it.

I loved being a part of their celebration of love.  As I pronounced them wed I added, 'May the spirit of love that lives in and around all of us fill your hearts and bless your lives.'  And I add now for many many years to come.

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