Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Erik and Iris Marry on Memorial Day Weekend

Erik and Iris had an unusual wedding time, 12:30 on Memorial Day to be held at The Durham Marriott Hotel.  And I was so glad.  The day was young and everyone was fresh and ready to party.  Their ceremony was really lovely - honoring both their Jewish and Christian faiths and traditions.  In their ceremony was said, 'Love is a quality of spirit and an attitude of the emotions, but a marriage is a life's work, a spiritual art form.'  Erik and Iris have worked on their relationship to make it really work.  I laud them for prioritizing who they are together.  It shows in their respect and care for each other.

I loved getting to know them before the ceremony.  As very different people, they complement each other well and have a playful and straightforward way of letting you know who they are.  Iris helped everyone stay on task during the rehearsal and I loved that they all came to the rehearsal in Hawaiian garb because the rehearsal dinner was to be a BBQ.  It lent a light touch to the very large and very grand ballroom at the Durham Marriott where the ceremony was held.

You see a chuppah in the background on a raised platform.  It was wonderfully lit with twinkle lights giving it an ethereal touch.  Perfect for this large room.  Here's another couple of angles so you can see it better.

Here's a view of the large room for the ceremony before the ceremony so you can really see how wonderfully the raised lit chuppah helped everyone see better.

The photo below is one I took. Now you see why we needed a professional!

Especially for the kiss!  They had planned their wedding and navigated the wedding stress like troopers.  Now it was all paying off.  I could tell that they were really having fun at their ceremony.

Thanks to our wonderful photographer, Mark Schueler Photography- for all these photographs.  It can't have been easy getting these amazing photograph of their wedding.

Here is my picture of Mark doing his photographic magic.

Caleb, 6 years old was the ring bearer, and Madison, 7 years old was the flower girl in a dress just like Iris's.  They are cousins of Erik's and as you can see are thoroughly enjoying the festivities.

The large hall was just wide enough to accommodate pictures of the wedding party.

I wish them so many blessings.  I loved working with them.  Her fun excited style was well balanced by his laid back humorous, but still very interested style.  I wish them a lifetime of happiness!

Iris's flowers were created by Flowers by Gary, and their DJ was Mike Morse Entertainment.  Their videographer was Amazing Videos and their ceremony music was by Sarah Busman on the flute and Laura Byrne, playing the harp.-

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