Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Michael and Brittany Marry on St. Patrick's Day at 1705 Prime in Raleigh

I couldn't be more pleased for Michael and Brittany!  My husband and I sat next to them at the DPAC performance of 'Avenue Q' and I liked them immediately.  It was a Yelp event and that meant we had even more in common.  They're a wonderful couple who enjoy having fun and who treat each other with love and affection.  That I got to marry them was a real bonus.

I was glad their day was a glorious one in this mild winter we'd been having.  The first perfect Saturday for an outdoor wedding.  Thank you first to Tonya, of Poprock Photography for these wonderful shots.  She was a joy to work with, has a classy style, and definitely fit in with the spirit of the wedding.

The steps of 1705 Prime (part of Rocky Top Catering)  provided a lovely backdrop, and Brittany's aunt, a cellist, and members of the NC Symphony orchestra graced us with beautiful music.  Thanks, too, to Lenny Fritts, who is always a wonderful DJ to work with, and a consummate professional.  He provided the music for the reception and the amplification for me for the ceremony.

Jennifer Carlin, the events coordinator at 1705 Prime, did a great job, too.  I am so appreciative when their is supportive staff provided by the venue.  It makes all the difference in making sure not only the big needs are taken care of but that the small needs are, too.  Everyone breathes a little easier.  And that's important for enjoying a wedding.

Brittany and Michael wanted a ceremony that was warm and loving, that was about them and their love.  They both are close to their families and it showed.  Brittany's two sisters were her attendants and Michael's four brothers were in attendance and giving him the playful teasing only close brothers can give. 

Brittany made special bouquets for herself and her sisters with jewelry included with the natural flowers.  It was really stunning and I'd never seen it done before.

Michael didn't lose the opportunity for the BIG KISS and pulled it off with style.  But first, there was a veil to contend with.

I don't know who provided these lovely confections but I'll have to ask.  They are really gorgeous.

1705 Prime has a wonderful wood dance floor inside with a very intimate feel for the restaurant. 
I think it's one of their best features.

The wedding party after the ceremony, just moments from celebrating.

In their wedding blessing I said, "We wish for you joy - a joy that makes you laugh out loud.  A joy that lights your eyes and fills your soul, and a joy that shouts to the world of your happiness with one another."  And indeed I wish that for them - for every day of their lives.

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