Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Darius and Katrina With A Holiday Wedding At The Morehead Manor in Durham

 Darius and Katrina introduced me to the lovely Morehead Manor near downtown Durham.  Their friend, Monica Edwards is the innkeeper.  And Meritage Music & Photography was their photographer for these wonderful pictures.    They were delighted to have the spiritual ceremony that they had always wanted and they gathered a wonderful group of professionals to bring their vision to life.

Sarah’s Creations Florist was their florist.  Their cake was created by Favor Desserts
 Intimate Affairs Catering & Event Planning catered their wedding lunch, and ClassyTransportation is responsible for that amazing car in the picture below.

Katrina entered into the foyer for the ceremony down a long curving staircase that isn't in the pictures.  I was standing in the small alcove that is just inside the front door and guests were seated in the foyer and just in the entrance to the rooms off the foyer.  It worked well.

Not a great picture of me, but it captured the sweetness of the attention and affection Katrina and Darius showed each other all through their ceremony, and in fact every time I met them.

 Darius and Katrina wrote their own vows that spoke much of what is in their hearts.  Everyone clapped and cheered when they kissed knowing that this was a love that was deep and full.  We were all delighted to share this special moment with them.
I love how they spared no attention to the details they wanted to make their day special.  This car, as I mentioned above is from Classy Transportation.
 I include this picture because it was a sweet moment for me.  We offered a prayer for Darius and Katrina and their marriage in the room where Katrina was dressing just before their ceremony.
Katrina and Darius were a joy to work with and get to know.  I send them much love and many blessings!

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