Friday, June 8, 2012

Nick and Lora - What a Joyful Wedding

 Lora and Nicholas married at the pergola at Duke Gardens on May 19th.  They planned it all way from Wilmington and created an amazing ceremony.  Then, after pictures, they are their families and guests celebrated at The Stockroom in downtown Raleigh.  
Thank you to Megan Gielow of Lime Green Photography for these wonderful photographs.  And thanks to harpist Marilyn Weinard of Carolina Harp for her wonderful renditions of the 'Hornpipe', 'Dreams of Spring,' and 'All You Need is Love'  on the harp.

While we'd only planned by phone, Lora and Nick let their personality shine in our conversations.  They'd known each other for 10 years, dating a little in high school and never forgetting.   But only finding each other later and really getting serious in 2005.  Still very much in love, now was the perfect time to marry.

Nick and Lora were so thoughtful of their guests and I so appreciated it.  It was a hot muggy NC summer day.  The hottest we have had so far this year, and this water was a gift to all.  I had to include a picture, it was so refreshing!

I also have to laud their common sense.  Notice how the attendants aren't wearing their suit jackets.  Much more comfortable.  And don't they look sharp.

Lora's father walked her up the steps from the direction of the fish pond with lots of bystanders just watching.  As I remember it was family day at the gardens besides being a pretty day so it was even more crowded.

Lora and Nick wrote their own vows and we all smiled at their playful, loving, and tender words.

She vowed to trust him, he vowed to be worthy of her trust, she vowed to always appreciate the little things, he vowed to leave her unexpected notes to make her smile.  She vowed to kiss him goodnight.  He vowed to kiss her each morning.  And there was more that I won't tell you now but that are equally endearing from a couple who know each other very well.

Please take a moment to look at all of Megan's photographs.  Not only does she capture this very loving couple in their element, but she shows how Duke Gardens is at it's best when embracing love.

Catering Works was Lora's florist with this fragrant rose bouquet.

And this picture really fits them.  I'm glad they have that one to remember to lavish love upon each other all their lives.

Here is the sweet note that I got from them after they returned from their honeymoon:  'Robin-
The wedding was so perfect, and you played such a wonderful role in that. You have such a sweet smile and disposition and it reflected throughout the ceremony.  Our guests had wonderful comments about you and the ceremony in general. The reception was gorgeous as well, and went so smoothly. We just got back from Disney and had a great time. ..... Will be in touch soon, but thank you once more.    -The Calos'

They were a delight in my life.  I feel so blessed in the couples I meet and marry.  What a joy!

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