Friday, June 15, 2012

Jeff and Dana Marry at Her Sister's House in Wake Forest

 Dana and Jeff married in a sweet Sunday afternoon ceremony at her sister's house in Wake Forest.  Dana didn't want any of the typical bridal traditions so it was casual and easy going.  Everyone had drinks and hors d'oeuvres before the ceremony, then were called to the back patio by the pool for the ceremony.
 A real joy for me was reading Dana's journal entries about her growing love and awareness of the depth and power of her relationship with Jeff.  She is a wonderful writer and that she let her words be known by her friends and family was a gift to us all.

Kaia, Dana's daughter is the young girl in the grey dress, a beautiful dress that her grandmother made for her, was Dana's attendant.  The other two children are Dana's nieces, who were also delighted to be part of the center of attention.
 As they exchanged rings they said, "With this ring, I promise my love to you."
 We blessed their marriage with these words, "As together you build a new life and a new home, may that home be bright with the laughter of children and of many friends; may it be a haven from the tension of our times and a wellspring of strength; and in all the world may it be the one place you most want to be."
 I so respected that they framed their ceremony with just what was important to them, including only family and close friends into this intimate ceremony.  They spent about an hour visiting with friends and family after the ceremony and then all of them went to a restaurant called Tuscan Blu In Raleigh for their reception, most of them piling into a huge limousine parked outside the house.

They were a treat to know and to celebrate!  I wish them lots and lots of love. 

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