Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Christmas Wedding in Duke Chapel for David and Rachel

I loved marrying David and Rachel.  And I apologize for being so late in posting their wedding on my blog.  It was a beautiful December at noon in Duke Chapel resplendent in all the decorations for Christmas.  Everyone but Rachel's family had come from out of town and Rachel and David were showing them the best of the area.  Their reception would be at The Carolina Inn.  

They wanted a focus on what marriage means to them and how they intend to use the power of their marriage in their lives to serve others.  Rachel was just beginning her residency in medical school so they are putting the strength and love of who they are together to work in their lives already.
Thanks to photographer Theo Milo of Theo Milo Photography for these wonderful pictures.  Lyn Graves of Fresh Affairs created her bouquet, and Dr. Monica Rossman, was the organist for Duke Chapel that day.  Blanche Williams of Duke Chapel is always a superb director for the event.
David and Rachel created a ceremony from both their backgrounds rich with Christmas hymns with words they crafted from examples I sent them.  They declared for them that 'Marriage is a vote of confidence, a commitment between two people that can only be fulfilled through their own loyalty and diligence.'  I so respect their intentional commitment!
Even their wedding program added a unique and thoughtful touch of elegance.
It's a custom to sign the ledger with your name, adding your marriage to all those who have been married in the chapel throughout the years.  
 Duke Chapel provides so many opportunities for great photographs!
 I thank the Divine for bringing this lovely couple into my life.  Theirs is a marriage that will strengthen their lives so that they will continue to be able to touch others in love and kindness. 
I wish them many many blessings!  

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