Thursday, May 16, 2013

Grant and Meagan Marry in a Beautiful Ceremony at Haywood Hall

 Grant and Meagan's wedding at Haywood Hall on May 4th was a joy.  I was so glad that everything went perfectly.  Last time I had officiated at Haywood Hall, the noise from a Harley Davidson convention two blocks away was something we all had to block out.  On Megan and Grant's wedding day, only two crows flying by attracted a little notice.  I love it when wildlife adds their blessing to the occasion.  It was a moment of unplanned natural exuberance.

Meagan and Grant both went to UNC and got engaged in New York City when Grant arranged for goth groups of parents to fly up to surprise her.  On their first date they met at the Old Well on UNC campus.  They had lived in the same dorm at UNC but had never met then.
 Meagan and Grant sent me these photographs just days after their wedding.  It was so kind of then to think of me.  Their day was perfect as it should be.
 Thanks so much to their photographer, Libby McGowan for letting me share these pictures with you.  She was a generous and easy going photographer all day adding just the right touch of attention.  I can understand why Meagan and Grant chose her.
 Grant and Meagan are both close to their families and it was indeed a family affair.  Their musicians were Gran'ts cousins and Meagan's bouquet was created by one of these same cousins with a little help from their friends.
They chose to share a letter from John Steinbeck with their guests and words from A. A. Milne, two of my favorite authors.  I thank them for bringing these rich words of love to my attention and possibly to other couples.
They chose classic vows of promise and commitment to offer each other which seemed to suit them so well.  We ended their ceremony with this benediction:  'My God bless you and keep you.  Congratulations?  Go in peace.'  And they did, to the music of Handel's Hornpipe on the violin, played by their now joined family.

I was delighted to receive this note from Meagan and Grant with the above pictures:  

'Hi Reverend Robin, 

Grant and I cannot even begin to thank you for the truly beautiful ceremony last Saturday night. Everything went just wonderfully - from the vows to the readings that truly had special meaning to us to those crows who were up above us 'cawing' - it was all just so much more special than I ever could have imagined. ..... I can't even tell you how many of our own friends and family have raved to us about how wonderful they thought you were.'

Their joy is contagious.  It was a delight to share.  I wish them many many years of joy and love.

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