Friday, September 12, 2014

Greg and Donna Light Up The Stone Chapel

Greg and Donna were a delight.  We celebrated the joy that they have found together.  Each has had some sorrow in their lives and they now are ready to have fun.  And they have found it with each other.  They laugh a lot, love nesting in their home, and they appreciate each other. They know that everything in their past has made then who they are: loving, kind, compassionate people.

I loved working with them to create their ceremony - Donna so bubbly and free spirited, and Greg with his quiet grins and twinkling eyes.  They are so well matched, they light up a room.  And this is exactly what they did on their wedding day.  Thank you to Amy Allen at Amy Allen Photography for her wonderful photographs.

Greg and Donna wanted a Christian ceremony that was simple.  No sermonizing.  Just God blessing their marriage.  They truly appreciate the meaning and mystery of loving another person and the amazing grace that you feel when you find the right person.  The Stone Chapel in Wake Forest was perfect for their intimate romantic and God embracing ceremony.

Greg's daughters and his brother were his attendants.  Donna's son walked her down the aisle to the strains of 'I Believe in You and Me' by The Four Tops.    Thanks to Stephen Scott, their DJ for their ceremony.  He was very professional and made coordination easy. 

They met without romance in mind.  Simply to have a buddy to hang out with and they found when they talked on the phone that their feelings and philosophy and interested and values were the same. 
They went to the same high school but didn't know each other at the time.  In fact, Greg went to school with Donna's brother.  Now they are building a shared future together.
As part of their wedding we did a Celtic Handfasting Ceremony binding their hands together as their hearts are bound.  It's a lovely ceremony that is the origin of the terms 'tying the knot' and giving one's hand in marriage.'
Then as their first gift to others as a married couple they gave a rose to each of their mothers.  It was a gracious and moving touch to a sweet and tender ceremony.

The English Garden provided the beautiful flowers, too.

I wish them so much happiness.  They are very special people and who bring joy to so many others with their generous loving manner.  They bring a smile to my heart.
 And it's always fun to see couples who really enjoy their wedding day kisses!

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