Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Great Joy Marrying Andy and Jean at Spruce Pine Lodge in Bahama

Thanks to John Elkins of John Elkins Photography in Durham for these wonderful shots.  It was a genuine joy marrying Andy and Jean.  They seemed to be having a great time, too.  They were also uniting their families into one.  They have an exuberant, chaotic, joyful bunch of kids that are also polite and respectful when needed, and who are all truly happy for them.  So getting everyone together with the special intention of celebrating Andy and Jean's love was a treat for everyone.  This sign they had at their reception seemed to fit them well.

They had their ceremony and Reception at Spruce Pine Lodge in Bahama.  It's owned by the City of Durham so is not too expensive, and it has lovely facilities for weddings less than 100 guests.  I've been marrying couples there for 20 years and highly recommend it.  
It was just right for Jean and Andy.
I first met with them and some of their children in January to plan their May wedding.  They were all already enjoying the process.  The only parent there would be Andy's mom.  She's special to Jean, too, and we included a special part in the ceremony to honor her.
As a part of their vows they said to each other, 'I give you my hand, my heart, and my love from this day forward for as long as we both shall live.  They had a family sand ceremony which I hope to have pictures of soon.  

Each child had his or her own color sand and Jean and Andy poured some sand before them and after them symbolizing that their love is the foundation for their family, and protects and shelters their family, too.  I loved it.

I need to advise some couples at how to kiss at their wedding but not Andy and Jean.
Andy's brothers were his attendants, everyone kidding him all during the rehearsal.  Jean's son, Tommy, walked her down the aisle.  And their daughters Ashley, Jasmine, and Heather were some of her attendants.  It was definitely a family affair.
Jean sent me this lovely note after their ceremony, 'Hi Robin,
Thanks for the beautiful ceremony!!! It felt so surreal like I was in a perfect dream. Everyone   spoke highly of you. ....Many blessings to you and your family. Jean'  And she signed it with her married surname.  Definitely sweet.  I love looking at their pictures.  They are all joyful loving people.  It was a treat to have them in my life at this special time.

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