Monday, December 15, 2014

Cal and Bridget Marry in an Intimate Ceremony at UUFR

Cal and Bridget are just getting ready to spend their first holiday season as a married couple but I had the joy of marrying them on August 31st.  Their church home is the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh on Wade Avenue, aka UUFR and since I'm a UU minister, it was especially joyful for me to be a part of their wedding.
First of all, I loved their music.  Grandparents entered to 'Make You Feel My Love' by Adele, parents entered to 'Luckiest' by Ben Folds and Bridget entered with her father to 'Can't Help Falling in Love With You,' by Elvis Presley.  Each piece carefully chosen to convey their love.
Family is very important to them both.  I thanked Bridget's parents with these words from her:  'Kevin and Maureen, Bridget wishes to thank you for all the hard work, planning and support that have gone into making today’s celebration possible. She thanks you for always believing in her, but challenging her to be a better, kinder, more principled person. From both of you, she’s learned integrity and honesty and been given a strong example of the joy that comes with a long and successful marriage. She thanks you also for a fun-filled childhood, in which, above all things, there was always song, dance and laughter.'  And Cal thanked his parents with these words:  'Kathy and George, Calvin would like to thank you for always supporting him and allowing him to make his own decisions. He thanks you for believing in him and making sure he always knew he was loved. He would also like to thank you for teaching him virtues that have made him who he is today.'  I am so glad that they took this opportunity to show them how much they were grateful for their love and guidance.

They chose readings by Rumi and Hafiz, had a salt ceremony, and ended with an Irish Wedding Blessing which fits Bridget's heritage perfectly.

In introducing them, I said, 'Today we celebrate the amazing grace of their love for each other.  When they first met they knew that the other was special, but it took a year and serendipity and a windy day for them to take what started out as neighborly consideration and kindness into a deeper understanding and appreciation.  Bridget had been immediately attracted to Cal’s openness and warmth, his thoughtfulness, and how he is interested in and cares deeply about big ideas. Calvin loved Bridget’s laugh, her confidence and her silliness, that she always seemed to be having fun, and had a quirky style of dress. Bridget put Calvin at ease, Calvin kept Bridget on her toes. Even these four years later they love that while they have a foundation of comfort and understanding, their life doesn’t get boring.  They still find ways to excite and challenge each other.'

They are a considerate and intentional, as well as a fun couple.  They wrote moving vows to each other and delighted in this moment to share with all those they love this wonderful person who has become their partner and soul mate.

As I said in the benediction of their ceremony, 'So may this day be an open door through which Bridget and Calvin will go forth to build the dearest of all relationships - a happy, harmonious marriage.  May the years deal gently with them; walking together, may they find far more in life than either would have found alone.'

I wish them many many blessings!

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