Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Daniel and Chrystalyn Celebrate Their Wedding

On Easter Sunday, April 4th, Daniel and Chrystalyn celebrated their marriage with their family and friends at The Whispering Willow Wedding Chapel on Roxboro Rd. This chapel is all in white which makes a lovely backdrop for a wedding. It's the sanctuary for the First United Metaphysical Chapel which opens up the chapel to outside couples for weddings in addition to having their own minister perform ceremonies.

Their wedding had the wonderful spontaneity of their young son who had energy to burn and wanted to see close up. He was fine in his enthusiasm and everyone relaxes at a ceremony where childrens enthusiasm is included.

An important part of Chrystalyn and Daniel's ceremony was celebrating their children. We wrote a special sand ceremony to include their three sons, each son represented by a different color sand. But since they're all young, Daniel and Chrystalyn poured the sand for them. A wise move!

At the end of their marriage blessing, we wished that at the end of their lives they'd be able to look back and smile upon the life they'd shared together pleased, satisfied, and fulfilled beyond their wildest dreams!

We concluded with the Irish Wedding Blessing.

It was an unseasonal ninety degrees outside so I was grateful that everyone has this cool peaceful setting for the pictures. No squinting into the sun. No people burning up in the heat.

They held their reception in the lower level of the church, complete with kitchen and dressing room for the bride. After the ceremony, I could even see Daniel's and Chrystalyn's mothers getting food ready in the kitchen and I knew they had a wealth of support and love seeing them into marriage.

Many blessing to them!

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