Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lori and Chirag, The Butterflies and Virtual Guests

It was a small gathering to celebrate Lori and Chirag's wedding on March 21, 2101, if you didn't count the butterflies. And there were plenty of them. Of course we were at the Butterfly House at The Museum of Life and Science. I must thank, Rachel Smith, the Events and Rentals Assistant for the museum, there with us to help us remember how to co-habit with these wonderful creatures as they graced the ceremony.

In this very special wedding we had hoped to have among the guests Chirag's sister Shweta, her husband Amit and their daughter Viya, but visas are complicated nowadays, so we included them virtually. This was my first webcam wedding and I've got to tell you I was delighted. It worked out wonderfully - as you'll see in these pictures. They could hear everything and respond. When we asked if all you loved Chirag and Lori would bless and suppor their union, we could hear Shweta and Amit's voices right along with everyone else's. Chirag's parents were there in person, as were Lori's parents, Lori's sister, Elizabeth, her brother, David, and just a handful of their close friends.

Chirag and Lori set the tone with their choice for Lori's processional of 'What a wonderful world' by Lous Armstrong. And we all felt that way. With many faiths represented, with Lori and Chirag having two different cultural backgrounds, and with their love for the natural world, this felt like a global experience, yet also very intimate.

It's hard to convey how beautiful the ceremony was and how it fit the couple. Perhaps this picture will speak more eloquently.

Their genuine delight in their marriage and each other comes through so much in this picture.

Their love is rich in discovery, humor and adventure. We celebrated that love does find us in unexpected places and the amazing grace of how life so often surprises us by joy if we let it..

I had a fun time after the ceremony. Lori and Chirag went with David, the photographer to shoot pictures in other areas of the Butterfly House. And of course, the only ones who couldn't go along with them without assistance were Shweta and Amit. So I volunteered to become their legs so they could enjoy this facet of the ceremony too. Here I am with Chirag's father, and of course, Shweta and Amit.

Chirag and Lori and their family and friends went to a local Indian restaurant after the pictures to celebrate. And I'm sure Shweta and Amit went with them.

I really appreciated how Chirag and Lori knew what was important for them for their wedding and planned it just that way. That way they didn't get too stressed, and I could see them genuinely having fun and being able to drink in the joy at their wedding. Which is, of course, what I wanted for them.

They told me I was fabulous in their thank you. And I joyfully drink that in. I had a great time, too.
And I wish them many many more adventures in life just as sweet as their wedding. I have no doubt they will make it happen.

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