Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wayne and Jennifer at the Carolina Inn

Jennifer and Wayne can celebrate two anniversaries, and I'm delighted for them. They didn't let a legal snafu deter them at all in their celebration. Everything was arranged for their wedding at The Carolina Inn on February 13th but then Wayne's divorce weren't finalized in time. So we just changed the wording of the pronouncement and we let everyone know that as soon as possible, I'd be performing the legal ceremony with two witnesses. Which I did on Friday, April 9th at my home in Hillsborough. And it was joyful, too.

I loved the way that Wayne and Jennifer just went with the flow, which was good since they were busy people right about then. They have a beautiful little boy, Christopher Johnathan, born in late March. I wonder if they're so even keeled because they both work in hospital settings and they have crisis all around them everyday, or if it's just who they are. Either way, they were a delight. And I got to see lots of people celebrate who they are and their love for each other on both their wedding occasions. Amy Kortus was the harpist who set a perfect musical tone to go with the ceremony and the elegant setting at The Carolina Inn. She's always so professional and a joy to work with. She even took these pictures for me during the ceremony for which I was very grateful.

In Jennifer and Wayne's ceremony I got to tell the guests some of the amazing gifts of self that Jennifer and Wayne each bring to their relationship and their love. It's a real pleasure to do this for a couple because so often we fail to see our own gifts when we so easily see the gifts of the ones we love.

And I got to bless their son and the family they are creating, even before their son was born. I love doing that, too.
I believe we are all born blessed and I love putting that to words for a new young life.

And at the end of their ceremony, I blessed their marriage with the words, "Go forth bound together by the love of God. Go forth with hope and joy and a heart full of dreams, knowing that God is always with you. Amen." Since I believe we're a universe based upon love, no matter what name we call it, I love this part of the ceremony, too.

All together a good day for them, and for me. I left them just getting ready to go across the hall to a small banquet room to enjoy and elegant lunch with their family and guests, and this gorgeous cake.

As soon as I find out who made it, I'll let you know.

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