Monday, October 4, 2010

Amanda and David at Crenshaw Hall

I love it when you can tell a couple is really having fun at their wedding. Not just after the ceremony but before and during the ceremony, too. Amanda and David were like that. They didn't let any nervousness dampen their delight. And it was a wonderful occasion.

Just look how David is beaming as he's watching Amanda enter.

Crenshaw Hall was lovely and set just the right tone for them.

Not only the ceremony site but this beautiful restored home gave them the classic feel they wanted.

Another thing that they did is to hire great people so that they didn't need to worry.
Gail Stephenson and Heather Irvin at Premiere Catering were a joy to work with. Gail had even guided the rehearsal, and on that Saturday, she and Heather were everywhere checking on details. Here they are as the couple are getting pictures taken after the ceremony, checking on final details for the reception.

Michelle Gunton took these marvelous photographs of their wedding and gave me some to show to you. She is always wonderful to work with, skilled and patient. Their DJ was from Joe Bunn DJ, Co. whose staff always does a great job. Their cake was from Ambrosia Cakes and their florist was Darryl Senter, who I think is related to Amanda's mother.

David and Amanda have known each other for ten years. They began dating in high school, and bought a house together in 2008. They're comfortable easy going, genuine people who didn't want anything stuffy or boring or drawn out. And I agreed! They wanted a comfortable fun ceremony that people would enjoy, especially their families, who they're both very close to. In fact Amanda's Matron of Honor was her mother.

They asked for classy but simple and this seemed to be their theme all throughout their ceremony.

Their personality really shone in their music and their words of commitment to each other, which they wrote themselves. These words, so like them, were loving and tender, and simply beautiful, and were the heart of their ceremony. I loved how they were fully present to each other and to the moment. You can see the strong foundation of love this couple has built together.

And the music! Everybody loved it. With their music they immediately brought smiles to everyone and they brought their unique and joyful personalities into the setting. From the first measure, you knew it was their wedding, their celebration of their love. Yay!

The first processional was 'Feeling Good,' I think the rendition was by Muse. It was fabulous. Their flower girl came in on the Darth Vader theme from Star Wars. Amanda came in on a song by a band called Morbid Angel called 'Desolate Ways.' The recessional music was from the band Unearth, the song was Big Bear and the Hour of Chaos.
If you haven't heard 'Feeling Good' play it right now while you read this. Just Google it and you'll be feeling great, too.

They were surrounded by close friends and family at their wedding and you could tell they were well loved. I'm not surprised. This couple exudes joy of life and of love. I wish them many many blessings for all their years.

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