Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Todd and Kathleen Light Up Belle Vie

This last weekend I had the privilege of marrying Todd and Kathleen at Chateau Belle Vie in Fuquay Varina. It was a treat on lots of fronts. I'd never met Kathleen or Todd before - we planned their wedding totally by phone and email. I'd never been to Chateau Belle Vie before, often wondering about it as I looked over from the porch of its next door neighbor, the Highgrove Estate. And it was an absolutely beautiful day to be outside celebrating Todd and Kathleen's love.

So I'll try to touch on all these high points.
Thanks to Tim Hester our photographer from Winterville, NC, for these wonderful pictures of Todd and Kathleen. The less wonderful pictures of Belle Vie are my own.

Next, Belle Vie is lovely and was perfect for their size wedding - about 50 guests. Marie, the owner, showed us around and told wonderful stories of the architectural and decorative touches she added to make it so elegant.

Roxanna, who was the Chateau Bellevie Staff Coordinator for Todd and Kathleen's wedding was wonderful. Very much on top of things and ready to make sure no detail went untended to. Here she is standing in front of one of the 7 fireplaces in the chateau.

Here's the ceremony site from the bottom level. My pictures don't do it justice. But then I always say that. First looking from the house lower level.

Next, looking back toward the house lower level where the sit down dinner and dancing were held. Tim Hester our photographer and a guest are in the picture.

Next here are pictures of the front of the house, the front entry, and the bridal suite.

Finally, the room where the cocktails were served - guests were also on the porch enjoying the sunshine. Marie explained that her choices for decor were to convey a European elegance, which she knows well, since her own and her husband's heritage is Romanian.

Todd and Kathleen had a simple elegant ceremony to match the decor. They told me that they were private people and wanted a cozy ceremony. That is was. We added a little humor, wishing their dogs Rocco and Kermie were there with them, but their ceremony had a quiet sweetness that they seemed to enjoy.

A special moment happened when two geese flying up from Laurel Lake behind the house called to each other in exultant notes. Of course it occurred just at the right time, seeming to indicate that all of nature was conspiring in their happiness.

Their cake may look like it's leaning but that's my photographic abilities again. It was gorgeous and made for them by Ambrosia Cake Creations in Fuquay Varina.

Their DJ was my friend and colleague Brian McGuire from McSound Productions who is always great. Chateau Belle Vie provided the catering. The Chateau has fabulous pictures on its website so if you're interested, let those pictures inform you better than mine.

I left while they were still taking photos, wishing them a quick farewell. I loved being a part of this special time in their lives. They are easy going and gently caring of each other as they navigated all the busyness of the rehearsal and wedding. I with them both many many years of happiness and blessings!

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