Monday, March 14, 2011

Tara, Daniel and Morgan in an Intimate Family Wedding

I enjoyed talking to Tara immediately by phone and email. She wanted a small simple intimate ceremony at Duke Gardens and wondered if I could help. If it's a very small gathering (less than 10 people) and we simply meet and walk into a place to do their ceremony without fanfare (not the pergola or amphitheater) and with the understanding that there will be other people milling around, then I'm happy to do a small ceremony in Duke Gardens.

We found each other easily in the parking lot at the appointed time and it was a treat to finally meet.

There's a little pond in one corner that's quiet, close to the entrance at the Sarah P Duke Center and very beautiful. It also has a covered are in case of rain. And it was the perfect setting for Daniel and Tara's wedding with Tara's daughter, Morgan, and their families in attendance.
Below are Daniel and Tara with her grandparents.

We included a special part in the ceremony to celebrate Morgan and their new family of three. And we made Tara and Daniel's vows 'I do' vows so that they could relax and know that they wouldn't be put on the spot speaking lots of words out loud.

It was a very sweet ceremony and I was delighted to officiate for them, wishing them many many blessings.

Tara sent me the following email with the photo above, 'THANK YOU!! you made this a wonderful and memorable day for us!'

And I'm delighted. It was memorable for me, too.

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