Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Calvin and Pat's Wonderful Wedding

It's especially a treat when you can officiate the ceremony for dear friends.  I've known Pat and her younger daughter, Katie, for, goodness, it must be almost 10 years by now and love them both.  Then in 2009 I had the joy of officiating her daughter, Beth's wedding to Mike on Ocracoke Island.  Another blessing and a great couple.  Then when Pat met Calvin, and Ruben and I got to see their attraction grow into a love that kept maturing and growing, we were delighted.  Besides - they both have wacky senses of geeky humor.  Just our style.

They were married in June at a church where I used to be one of the ministers so it felt, in many ways, like coming home.  The Community Church of Chapel Hill Unitarian Universalist is a lovely church, newly remodeled, filled with light, color and art.  And it has a big fellowship hall for a reception.  And they rent to non-members.  It's all good.

Pat's daughters, Katie and Beth were two of her attendants, as you can see from the Charlie's Angels pose. They inherited their mother's sense of humor.  Hallelujah!

Here is part of what we said to guests in their opening words.  I planted the ideas for these words and they crafted the words. 

....This is a love that grew from friendship and common interests. They met at a Meetup group called RDU Geeks,.... At first, their friendship was based on sharing popcorn at the movies. Their first date was playing Scrabble at Calvin’s favorite hangout, The Open Eye Café. The fact that Pat was willing to spend an evening playing Scrabble was a good sign for Calvin. On their second date, Calvin proved his ability to sit still at a Durham Bulls game and even learned to keep score. These first two dates cleared the way for even more exciting dates like taking recycleables to the dump. Somewhere along the way, there was a first kiss. The deal was sealed for Pat when he took charge when Pat had pneumonia. The deal was sealed for Calvin when she supported him through his mother’s last days. Today they complete their journey to come together as a family.'

Their ceremony was them, to a sweet and loving 'T,' all the way through to the kiss.

One of their close friends is Tracey who is a baker who used to bake professionally as Sugarpunk, but decided that the professional part had too many restrictions.  Now she just bakes for close friends and you can see how good she is.

If you haven't seen the movie, 'Up' then you won't get the reference.  If you have, you'll be amazed at the likeness.  It's also one of Ruben's and my favorite movies.

Don't forget to notice the dog, Doug, or is it Dug, at the bottom who's best line in the movie is 'I luv you.!'

Tracey also baked the groom's cake.  A surprise for Calvin.  Yes this is the cake.  Both these folks are readers and science fiction fans.  Another amazing cake.  I don't know how she does it!

A close up for even more amazement!

Pat comes from a large family of siblings who really know how to party.  Add Calvin's family, their mutual friends, and DJ Mark McNally of Joe Bunn  DJ Company to the festivities, and they danced well into the night.  I must admit that Ruben and I were really tired that night so left early, and were sleeping blissfully by 11PM.

Thanks to Kerry Bassett, their friend and photographer for these great photos.  Heather at Triangle Catering for their amazing food.  I tasted all of it! And to Linda, at Harris Teeter for their flowers.  Also wonderful. 

It's fun to have Pat and Calvin still in my life.  With so many wonderful couples I know them only for that special moment of their wedding (and the planning of it).  As Candide would say, 'This is the best of all possible worlds.'  Not long after their wedding, Ruben went to see 'Cowboys and Aliens' with them.  Now that's good friends.  I wish them much joy every day.  And I hear they now have 2 new kittens.  New adventures in loving, and parenting.  :-)

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