Tuesday, September 27, 2011

William and Denise's Night Wedding Thanks to Hurricane Irene

William and Denise's Wedding turned out very differently than they, and we, had planned. And in this, it held a sweetness where simply their love filled the space around us all.  Instead of lots of people at their wedding, they were surrounded only by their children, their parents and kids.  Instead of a backyard mid-day setting, they were married at night.  Instead of sunshine they were married in the rain.  Yet they were radiant.

In fact, they were radiant every time I saw them.  They were first attracted to each other in sixth grade.  Then life intervened and they only reconnected through the internet two years ago.  Yet they feel like kids together in their joy and delight in having found each other.  

Hurricane Irene messed with their plans but not with their love.  And instead of postponing their wedding, they decided to go ahead because they have a trip to China planned in October and it would be too hard to get everyone rounded up again.

Their adult children were fabulous.  I love seeing grown children be joyful for parent's new found romance.  When my father was 80 he married his wife, Virginia and they had five good years together.  And being 62 myself, I know how love can just keep getting sweeter and more precious.  I see the life experience in William and Denise's lives adding to their love and gratitude for each other.  

I loved marrying Denise and William.   While still much younger than me, they had reached that 50 year mark, which says pay attention.  They took the risk for more love in their lives and found it.  I wish them all the love in the world.  Blessed Be. 

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