Tuesday, October 25, 2011

David and Cary Marry at Carol's Garden Inn in Durham

Cary is the mother of a darling two year old boy named Nicholas.  She fell in love with the father of a precocious six year old daughter named, Desiree.  And they began the joyful and challenging journey to creating a combined family.  At their wedding we were not only celebrating their love for each other and their marriage, but the family they created together.

Nicholas isn't in this picture.  

While we were taking pictures he was entranced by the fish pond.

It was a rainy day and we were all grateful for the tent.  Just one of those days when the rain is off and on, just messy enough to feel damp.  But inside the tent was cozy for the ceremony and the reception.  Hallelujah!

Thanks to Katie and Sam of SK Roberts Photography for most of these pictures.  The ones without their logo are from my DROID.  They're also the ones that are more out of focus.

I'd never been to Carol's Garden Inn before.  It's a find, a lovely B and B and garden just east of downtown Durham.   

Desiree and her grandmother, David's mother, Tammy are hurrying to get out of the rain and to the tent and the beginning of the processional.

Clifton and Burke of the band Melonbelly provided great music for the ceremony and the reception!

 David and Cary wanted to incorporate their children into the ceremony and we did so with a tree planting.  They would nurture their marriage just as they nurtured this tree.  Cary and David watered the tree with one pitcher with their names on it, Nicholas and Desiree then watered the tree each with their own pitcher.

I was amazed by the amount of space inside the tent.  It fit 60 people easily.

Sweet Memories Bakery baked their cake.  Look closely and you'll see the groom has a fishing rod with a fish dangling from it.

All they needed was some shelter from the rain.  The cooler air was a God send.  Thanks too to The Picnic Basket who catered their reception.  They were so professional in creating a beautiful space, even with all that rain around.
What a joyful way to end a reception.

I received this wonderful note from Cary's mother:
'Dear Robin,
Thank you so much for being a part of Cary and David's wedding.  The ceremony was just perfect - it really captured the spirit of their lives and commitment.  We all appreciated your calm guidance at the rehearsal and your flexibility in dealing with the weather and the involvement of children.  ... Best to you in the future, Nell....'

I wish them much joy.  They have close and loving family and friends.  That's a huge help when you're raising kids.  And I wish them many many years of loving.

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