Thursday, October 20, 2011

Marcie and Dan at Delightful Inspirations

Dan and Marcie were a delight to marry and now to have as Facebook friends.  I loved their upbeat generous natures, even after we needed to move their wedding indoors.  We'd been able to have the rehearsal outside but on the wedding day, the rain was minutes away.  It was a disappointment, but everyone rose to the occasion.  

Thanks to Suzanne Brewer from B Real Photography for these photographs.  Marcie and Dan's florist was Kelly Odom Flowers in Raleigh, and their musicians were Aural Solace.  You can contact them at 919-537.8101 or  I've worked with them at Haywood Hall also and they're wonderful string musicians.

Marcie and Dan wanted their wedding to include Jewish customs and Italian customs focusing on the uniqueness of the cultures and their families.  They have many threads of different faith traditions in their families and wanted to respect them all.  We opened their ceremony with these words:

'We are gathered here in the presence of God and of this company to join in marriage Daniel and Marcie, and to bear witness to the transforming power of love.  This is an occasion of both profound joy and great responsibility, and we who partake in it bind ourselves as witnesses to the labor of love that Marcie and Daniel are undertaking here.  In acknowledgment of this sacred purpose and of the power of this occasion, I invite you now to offer up our own blessings and prayers for Marcie and Dan and their new life together…. (a moment of silence.)  Thank you for honoring the special occasion with a moment of prayer.'

We also brought out some of their delight in their love in their ceremony with some personal touches:

'You’ve created a life together that you share and treasure: watching Packer games now that Marcie knows whats going on, playing boccie ball together without breaking teeth, sharing dinner and evenings with friends, or walking Mayday.  In your life together, you learn from each other, have patience for each other and love the shared understanding you create that is larger than either of you would have achieved alone.'

The above picture is a great one of Dan.  He has just stomped on the glass which honored both their faith traditions.  In the Italian wedding custom the number of pieces the glass break into represents the number of happy years the couple will enjoy together.  In the Jewish tradition it has many meanings.  Daniel chose for it to symbolize that just as this glass is forever changed, so too are their lives changed now that they are a married couple.

I love the way that Delightful Inspirations can  morph to accommodate an outside wedding that has to come inside.  This is the second time it's happened to a couple I've married there and both times the staff handled the change masterfully.  

They decided to have the wedding pictures of the two of them before the ceremony.  This would relieve some of their tension so they could relax more for the ceremony.  And they seemed to have a great time. 

Oooh - and I loved their cake and took this picture myself and now can't see where I noted who created it for them.  If you especially like it, I can email them to ask.

I send them lots of love and I know that even with the busyness of grad school, Marcie and Dan are finding time to have fun - the essence of keeping a marriage strong.  Blessings to this wonderful couple for many many years of happiness.

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