Monday, October 24, 2011

Evan and Brittain at The Fish Pond in Duke Gardens

I married Evan and Brittain on Labor Day weekend at the newly landscaped Duke Garden Fish Pond.  It was a lovely wedding for a lovely couple and I'm so glad the site was spectacular for them, too.  

First, Thank you to Elizabeth K Photography for these wonderful photographs.  And she was a joy to work with.  Arioso Strings played for their wedding, too, and as always did a wonderful job.  

They planned their ceremony well so it went off without a hitch.  But then they had a well organized rehearsal, an essential for a large wedding party like this, but these folks were also very helpful in managing all the details.  In Duke Gardens on a hot day at the pergola and the fish pond it's handy to have a cell phone to help the bride stay where it's cool until just before it's time for her to enter.

There ceremony was even visited by the Great Blue Heron that is so often seen at Duke Gardens.  We even has some sight seers in the background.

Britain and Even wanted a warm and tender ceremony that was personal to them and that's just what we planned.  They wanted a wonderful quote from Antoine St. Exupery, 'Here is my secret.  It is very simple:  Only with the hart can one see rightly.  What is essential is invisible to the eye.'

We also had the beautiful words of Dante, from 'The Divine Comedy' and a poem by Maya Angelou.  And they spoke their own vows to each other before we joyfully pronounced them married.

Thanks to all their friends for all their help.  

Sugarland is responsible for this gorgeous cake!  I'm amazed by the detail.
Evan and Brittain took time to have some beautiful pictures in the garden before going to The Cotton Room for lots of dancing and celebration.

Here you can get a good view of Brittain's wonderful flowers designed for her by Tre Bella Florist.  It was a joy to marry Evan and Brittian with the love and support of their families and friends.  I wish them many many years of joy.

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