Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jenni and Dan Warm Up A Cold October Day to Marry at the Rigmor House in Chapel Hill

Jenni and Dan had a gorgeous but cold and windy day to marry at the Rigmor House in Chapel Hill.  Gratefully they were oblivious to the weather.  It was cute to see.

Thanks to 2 & 3 Photography for these fabulous pictures.  You'd never guess that the weather was iffy.  I've worked with them before and they're a joy to work with.

Dan and Jenni have the wonderful story that they met for coffee on a stormy day and then spent 2 hours walking together in the rain because they didn't want to stop the conversation.  I understand that.  I remember meeting Ruben twelve years ago and thinking that this is a man that I could have wonderful conversations with for the rest of my life.  

Dan and Jenni love each other because they can be completely honest together, and there is no drama because they each have their own selves, too, that inform and enrich their relationship.  Their families flow well, too, which is important since they're both close with their families.

With their friends' and families' help, they did the decorations for their wedding so it truly felt like a family affair, close and loving.

I love the Rigmor House.  It has a lodge feeling and yet adapts to the decorations brought to it.  You and your family can stay there and the kitchen is so well equipped.  It's homey in a large way with great decks.  We used the decks that day since they were warmer than outside.  
Thanks to Natasha Wayne of Natasha F. Wayne Events for her fabulous coordination, even jumping in to make a boutanniere when we were one short.  Dan and Jenni picked up flower from Whole Foods and Trader Joes and made their own bouquets,  Jenni and her friend Stephanie made the cake and cupcakes, Organic Bakies made the cookies and brownies, and Jenni's dad made all the food.  Like I said, it was a family affair.

This was the first time I'd see the tree of life where your guests put their thumbprint on the tree and write their names. I like this much better than a guest book.   It creates a lovely keepsake and you actually can mount and appreciate.  Here it is in the Rigmor Lobby area waiting for guests as they arrive.

Thank you Rigmor for the great woods for the after pictures, too.  From what I remember, Jenni's mom knit her shawl on the drive down the East Coast to the ceremony.  Good planning!

They are fun loving people and everyone joined in the fun to make their day spectacular.  And it was just that.  I wish them lots and lots of love!

What a great picture!  What a great day!  What a great couple!

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