Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Will and Shannon Wed at the Wilson Rose Garden

I only officiate one or two weddings a year outside the NC Triangle and when I do, it's because I really like the couple.  Shannon and Will are a delightful couple.  And so is their daughter Lily.  It was a pleasure to marry them at the beautiful Wilson, NC Rose Garden.

The Rose Garden was surprisingly lovely.  It's not large and is just off a road with small industrial road, but as you turn into the parking lot, the neighborhood fades away and you're left with a wonderful impression.
Will and Shannon and April met with me in February for their October wedding already knowing they wanted me as their officiant because Shannon and I had talked on the phone.  I was glad.  They're generous spirited people wanting especially to honor their grandparents who had passed on and were sorely missed, and to honor Will's father who also has passed on.   This is a couple who are close to their families and I could see that love and dedication at the wedding.  However I really credit Shannon's friend and Maid of Honor, Apryl, for helping her hold it together during these especially emotional moments of their ceremony.  Thank you Apryl!

On this  pretty late October Day they still had roses in bloom!  Thank you to Michele Denotter Photography for these wonderful pictures.  I loved the way the garden had many different lovely aspects, a close parking lot, and close rest rooms.  These small necessities sometimes make a big difference.

We lined up on the edge of the park away from the guests' gazes to enter.  They chose 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' as their processional sung by a wonderful Hawaiian singer who has since passed away.  I've not heard a lovelier rendition.
Will and Shannon wanted a spiritual wedding ceremony that honored their love for each other.  We read that wonderful selection from the Velveteen Rabbit that still touches me no matter how often I hear it.  Especially now that I'm getting older and am still very much in love.

In the very first picture I posted on this blog, Shannon and Will are taking part in the Celtic Handfasting Ceremony.  This is the ancient ceremony where the expressions 'tying the knot' and 'giving one's hand in marriage' come from.  They created their own handfasting cord and bound themselves each to the other in love and in commitment to live and grow that love.  I can understand why this ritual still exists.  It holds a lot of power.  Lots of couples then have the cord as a token of that binding made in love.

A special moment in the ceremony was when Lily came forward and we honored that family that they create together.
We blessed their marriage with the prayer, 'God bless them with the inner gifts of trust, compassion, forgiveness and truth that they may live and grow together in love and peace.'
They're delightful people.  I wish them many many years of love!

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