Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rob and Jen Marry With Much Love and With Their New Son at the Caffé Luna in Downtown Raleigh

Jen and Rob's beautiful wedding at the Caffé Luna was the culmination of a lot of planning and effort on Jen and Rob's part.  Effort that took place while they were pregnant with their son, Robert Douglas.  It was a delight to celebrate his entry onto the planet at their ceremony, too.

Their professional photographer was Carolyn Scott, of Carolyn Scott Photography, who got some absolutely fabulous shots (as did her partner Goeff).  Make sure you read to the bottom of the blog to see all her pictures!  They're wonderful.  I've gotten to work with them three times this year and it's always a delight.  I've included some 'friend's shots'  in the blog, too, because they were shot at a sweet angle during the ceremony that the professionals couldn't get.

Jen, Rob and I met in March when they anticipated an October wedding.  But then when she found out she was pregnant the wedding was moved to November.  It's a good thing and a great change since we all got to celebrate Robert Douglas, too.

These pictures are only of the ceremony.  My favorite part!  :-)  Their wedding was held at the Cafe Lunna in downtown Raleigh.  
Their florist - check out that lush arch - was Lyn Graves of Fresh Affairs, and their DJ for the reception was Mike Morse of Mike Morse Entertainment.  I've worked with Mike many times too and I knew he would be great.
Sisters on the Harp -  Harp and Flute - the music for the ceremony was played by Brittany and Marissa Farrell.  They played beautiful Irish selections for the prelude, then a Sonata in A by Mozart, Edelweiss, and the Bridal March from Lohrengrin for the bridal processional.    They 
were flawless!

It was a joy for me to be there.  Here I'm entering from the front of Caffé Luna with Rob entering just behind me.
Rob's attendants

Jen's attendants.  There wasn't a big space but they made it work!
Jen's mother held Robert Douglas while we talked about what a blessing he was in their lives.  He was such a sweetie.

Here he is later in his mother's arms.

Their ceremony was rich in feeling and symbolism.  They were so clear and present.  That says a lot about their love.
The kiss, of course!
I kept some of the friend's shots in because they have a unique angle on the ceremony.  But they definitely speak to why it's important to hire a professional photographer.

The Presentation!  I love this part.  I call it the basking moment, because it's the moment where a couple is reentering your community as a married couple and everyone there is offering their love and support.  I tell all my couples, 'Drink it in.  This moment comes only once.  Don't rush out the door.  There will be hours to party.'

Here is Geoff getting a picture before the ceremony.  I love these architectural backdrops.

Their cakes were by Cinda of Cinda's Cake Creations.  R2D2 has special meaning for them since Rob's initials and their son's initials are both RD.

Carolyn took some  photos before the ceremony to get the daylight shots.  These showcase the amazing rich color of their autumn wedding.

 The Caffé Luna has a wonderful reception room that amazingly is big enough for dancing.
What a joyful couple so in love with each other and with their baby.  Life will only deepen as they grow together.  I wish them so many blessings.  My daughter turns 40 this year.  I can hardly believe it.  The years speed by.  May they cherish each moment!

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