Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ryan and Kasey Marry at The Friends Meeting House in Greensboro

Late this spring I married Ryan and Kasey at the Friends Meeting House in Greensboro.  This post has been long in coming since I traveled most of the summer, except for weekends when I was marrying wonderful couples like Kasey and Ryan.  So now I have the opportunity to catch up on celebrating these couples in yet another way.

I got to  know Ryan and Kasey before their wedding so it was a special delight to be the one marrying them.  They are both clear communicators and strong individuals who appreciate the intelligence and the strength in each other.  Kasey had a clear vision of the aesthetics for the ceremony and they both had definite opinions about what should or shouldn't be expressed in the ceremony.  I love that in a couple because it helps me create the ceremony that is just right for them.
Thanks to their photographer, Hugh Latham, Jr. who is a freelance photographer that can be found through the NC Photography Group for these pictures.  He got some wonderful shots.
The Quaker First Friends Meeting House at 2100 West Friendly Avenue opened their doors to the couple, who were not members, and also provided their pianist.  It was a beautiful classic setting and their coordinator was very helpful.
They are close to their combined family and friends and had a unity candle in which the whole family participated, passing the light from each family member to their mothers who lit the individual candles.  While this was happening Ave Maria was being played on the organ.  It was a unique and lovely ritual.

Kasey and Ryan are also close to their friends and partied well after the ceremony, too at their reception at George K's Banquet Hall in Greensboro.
Their exquisite floral arrangements were provided by Plants and Answers in Greensboro.

I love this picture.  Ryan and I are waiting to enter the ceremony.  He is just this personable with a twinkle in his eye in person.  I know they'll have a wonderful life, full or great laughter, lively discussions and adventures.  I wish them all the best!

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