Thursday, January 27, 2011

Curt and Jessica Marry at The State Club

Last Saturday, January 22nd, I had the wonderful joy of marrying Curt and Jessica at The State Club on NC State Centennial Campus. Pardon the picture quality you see. All of these are from my little DROID since I generally want to post my blog before the professional pictures are ready. And it takes so long to take the DROID picture that my hand sometimes shakes. Sigh. Thank heaven's for professional photographers! You'll hear more about that below.

In the picture above are Jessica's parents on the left and friends Alyson and Andrew on the right. Alyson is in the attendant's dress color of charcoal gray.

The State Club was a treat so I want you to see some pictures of it. Here's the foyer as you walk into the building. The ceremony was upstairs to the right, the cocktail hour was in this foyer, and the reception is straight back on the ground floor.

Here's that room, through the double glass doors you see in the photo above, set up for their reception with their colors of red, black and white.

Their ceremony was held in this wonderful sunny room. And the arch was wonderful. They got it at Holland Rent All in Raleigh for $50. It was sturdy and has gorgeous lines for all those couples who want a trellis to serve as a focal point for their ceremony. I made sure to put this in the blog because I want to remember it. I love the Japanese lines of the arch and the bronze finish. It was a classy touch.

The State Club is archiecturally elegant and the staff is impeccable in their service and attention to detail. Wendy Dorman, The Banquet Director, pictured below, couldn't have been more helpful and was upbeat and friendly to boot. That makes so much difference in helping all the small details go smoothly. For instance, she knew just how a runner would work on the carpet of the ceremony room. And runners can be tricky. Thanks, Wendy!

North Carolina Strings led by Molly Olah provided the beautiful ceremonial music, Bach's 'Air on the G,' and Purcell's 'Trumpet Voluntary.' Thanks to them for the 'spot on' timing, too.

Jessica and Curt have a delightful story about how they met and fell in love. It was fun to add this playfulness into their ceremony which was rich in heart. And their playfulness continued after the ceremony where they 'high-fived' each other and shared in a celebration beer. Here they are with Paul Stallman, one of their photographers from Wake Forest Portrait Shop. He teams with his wife Melissa in their work. I've worked with Paul and Melissa before. They're great.

Jessica got all those fabulous roses from Theresa at Fallon's Creative Flowers in Raleigh.

Below is the room on the second floor next to the ceremony room where Curt and his attendants waited before the ceremony and where we all went after the ceremony to wait for the guests to go downstairs before returning to the ceremony room for pictures.

As I left I knew everyone was in good hands with Mitch Woodard with joe bunn dj company. I trust they all partied well into the evening.

And of course, they enjoyed cake.... this one by Edible Art Bakery in Cary.

As I write this Jessica and Curt are enjoying themselves in Las Vegas, then they're traveling on to Oahu, Hawaii for another 5 days. I loved being a part of their wedding. As did all of the other professionals I worked with. This is a delightful couple. Openhearted, playful, and considerate. They'll have a great marriage.

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