Friday, May 4, 2012

Chandler and Heather Marry in Burlington With A Sweet Declaration of Love

 I met Chandler and Heather through their wedding planner, Chelsey Morrison of Gather Together Events.  I'm so glad she contacted me.  She was wonderful to work with and Heather and Chandler are a delight.  They married on December 31st of 2011 at a small intimate ceremony at the restaurant '121 W Front St', in Burlington, NC.  I loved the venue because it was transformed into a really warm intimate celebration space.  And the side room was excellent for a small but separate ceremony site.  

Heather and Chelsey are expecting.  Perhaps little Langston Everette is already here!  So we were celebrating both in their ceremony.  And it was hard for all of us not to tear up a little.  Chandler and Heather feel so blessed in their love, the love of their families and friends, and in the new life they are creating together.

Big thanks to Big Star Studios for their photographs of Heather, Chandler and me. 

Their cake made by Buy Me Cake, says it all.  You have to notice Heather's bouquet, in the photo above, too.  It was created by English Garden Florist.  It was so lovely and unique.
 I took the shots of the restaurant.  I was just so impressed by how they created such a warm space.

It was no surprise to any of us that Chandler teared up a little with his vows.  He's a man with a big heart who shows it easily.  I so appreciate that.  And then their vows were so lovely.  

Here is what they each said to each other:

           In reaffirming the relationship we have been building together
And in the presence of our family and friends,
These things I promise to you on our wedding day.
I promise you above all, my love!
My unending trust and respect,
And gentle understanding and support.
I promise to strive for balance in our life and relationship,
And to place you above all others.
I promise to keep an open heart and mind in times of change and growth,
And to find compromise when we face conflict.
I take you to be my wife (of course she said, 'husband'),
The companion of my days,
From this day forward
For the rest of our years.

Heather put Chandler's ring on his finger with these words, 'Chandler, with this ring, I thee wed and join my life to yours.  May it remind you that I am with you in spirit wherever you may go.'
After their ceremony I got this delightful note from Heather, '....and of course we gave you a great review because you did, well, great!  We loved the ceremony & loved working with you! Thank you so much for everything!'  They also promised that I would be in the loop for pictures of Langston Everette.  I can't wait.

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