Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Holly and Garrett Wed at St. Mark's Chapel in Mordecai Park in downtown Raleigh

This fall I had the joy of marrying Holly and Garrett at St. Mark's Chapel in Mordecai Park in downtown Raleigh.  I've officiated at lots of ceremonies at the chapel but never seemed to get pictures of it so wanted especially to post Garrett and Holly's wedding.  These are all my sub-quality pictures but if you can let that part go, then you'll be able to see the sweetness of this tiny chapel.

As a building in a city park, anyone can rent it.  It's an historic chapel so there are rules that one must follow but it's perfect for a small intimate wedding.   It needs little decoration.  I believe it was Holly's grandmother who made these pillows that were on each window of the chapel.
One rule is 'No open flames' so instead of lighting candles we used small votive candles that are battery operated.  They worked just fine.  This is the center of the chapel and a wedding party can easily stand by the altar if it's not too large.  The small antique organ to the left of the altar works.

The park has a small building for the bride to dress in and a small building for the groom to dress in that are on either side of the walkway to this front door of the chapel.  
Often couples put a wreath over the door but the chapel is so lovely it really needs little decoration.  I'm often asked by couples where they can have a church wedding without belonging to the church or the congregation.  This is an excellent choice.  I also have a full list on my website on the Venues  at the bottom.  I also link to it from my home page.

Here Holly and Garret and family pose after the ceremony.  As I remember, after the reception they were on their way to Mexico.
The ceremony music was provided by Peter Lamb and the Wolves.  
I'm amazed that they fit into the chapel but they did.  And they were great.  
From this angle you can see how big the chapel is, too.

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