Friday, May 18, 2012

Nelson and Wendy Light Up All Saint's Chapel

Wendy and Nelson had a wonderful wedding at All Saints Chapel this spring as you can tell by these clear and vibrant pictures by Carolyn Scott and her partner Geoff of Carolyn Scott Photography.

I have often officiated at All Saints but have never before seen a reception in the sanctuary and it was lovely.  The catering staff turned the space over quickly and efficiently.  It was amazing to watch.  Sarah, the All Saints Coordinator was calm and efficient as always.  And Nelson and Wendy's florist was Mel Ray from Dogwood Tree Floral Designs
their cake was by  Melinda from Edible Art Bakery, 

and their catering was done by April of Unforgettable Food Affairs,

Wendy and Nelson and I planned their wedding ceremony totally by phone and email so it was a treat to meet them at their rehearsal.  Wendy is as bubbly as her voice and Nelson is a calm and steady a presence as she described him.

Wendy's son Ashton, nicknamed Ash, was a particular joy.  He is eleven years old and he walked his mother down the aisle and lit their unity candle all very formally with great decorum.  He was not quite tall enough to reach the candelabra so we removed the unity candle for him to light it and then placed it back in the stand.

When I entered I lit 9 remembrance votive candles and the individual unity candles.  Each remembrance candle was for a specific person.  The altar was radiant in their light under that gorgeous stained glass window.

The Ringbearers, Sam and James, carried the rings into the ceremony in beautiful ceramic eggs.  They then handed one to the Best Man and one to the Maid of Honor.  
Then Evee, their Flower Girl entered.  I bet Carolyn's blog has a shot of her.  She was a cutie.

We closed their ceremony with this blessing:  'So may this day be an open door through which Nelson and Wendy will go forth to build the dearest of all relationship - a happy, harmonious marriage.  May the years deal gently with them; walking together, may they find far more in life than either would have found alone.'  And there was no better an more lovely door could they have walked through than All Saints Chapel.
I got a Thank You phone call from them on the Monday right after their wedding.  What a thoughtful gesture.  I imagined them off celebrating and relaxing and they were giving thanks to all those who had made their wedding special for them.  They are a kind and considerate couple.  It was a privilege to have had them grace my life.  I wish them many many blessings!

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