Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Three Lovely Weddings This Past Winter

I have the privilege of marrying so many wonderful couples.  Often I don't get the chance to take photographs, or I don't get photographs later from the photographer or the couple because life goes on so quickly, or I get busy and don't find the time to blog.  This winter and spring I've also been prioritizing doing yoga and workout classes, working hard to keep my 2012 New Year's Resolutions for the whole year.

But I didn't want to let the opportunity slip by to honor some of the wonderful couples I married in the last few months.  So here is a mini-blog about three such ceremonies.

In December I married Stanley and Pamela at a sweet small ceremony at the King's Daughters Inn.  Pamela made all the bouquets and corsages in the wedding from silk flowers. I still have the one she made me.  It was an intimate ceremony just for family and very close friends.  We were by the fireplace in the lovely sea foam green reception room.   Pamela and Stanley had two long tables on either side for guests to sit at during the ceremony and then to eat at after the ceremony. 

 Right after the ceremony everyone toasted Stanley and Pamela was a lovely Pinot Grigio wine and the celebrations began with these scrumptious desserts provided by Mad Hatters Bakery in Durham.
In early March I got the wonderful opportunity to marry Anastasyia and Yevgeniy at The Raleigh City Museum in downtown Raleigh on Fayetteville Street.  I hadn't known that the museum offered their facilities for weddings and it was just perfect for a ceremony of about 50 people who also wanted to celebrate their new home and roots in the area.  Anastasyia and Yevgeniy had an evening ceremony after which everyone went to Spy Raleigh for a late reception.
Please excuse the quality of this photograph.  It's by my DROID and I'm not very good at even this simple device.  And they are both lovely and very gracious people.

Yevgeniy and Anastasyia are both from Russia but met at Eastern Carolina University when they both came over on scholarships.  They saw each other through that hard transition of being in a different country with a different language trying to keep up with studies.  They are now deep into graduate studies and have found their love only growing stronger.  They were lovely to get to know.  They helped learn how to pronounce their names properly, and I helped them create a ceremony that honored their time and adversity tested love.

In mid-March I had the joy of marrying Kase and Nicole in a tiny ceremony in the Duke Gardens.  Their parents were the only other people who attended their ceremony.  Nicole and Kase are having a large ceremony in Boston exactly one year from the date we married them and alas, while I'd love to fly up there and officiate that ceremony, it's beyond my range of travel.

Nicole and Kase had been planning on going to the courthouse but Kase's mother, Elaine, asked that they have just a little more of a ceremony and showed them my web site and they said, 'Yes.' I'm so glad they did.  We had a gorgeous spring day at Duke Gardens.
Their mothers signed their marriage license and then I wished them well as they went to celebrate and then back to busy schedules, Nicole in nursing school and Kase in the military.

I love celebrating these couples again through my blog.  Their love and their families continually inspire me.  So I wanted you to get to know them if even just a little bit, too.

I hope your spring  is offering you lots of opportunities for inspiration.   I send you much joy and blessings!