Monday, September 24, 2012

Dominic and Laura Marry at Falls Lake

Dominic and Laura did all their planning from England so I met them for the first time at their wedding.  Their families were busy making the Rolling View Community Building at Falls Lake into a lovely celebratory space.  I've done 3 or 4 weddings at this little location and have always hoped that more couples marry here.  It is a really sweet venue with the beach right outside the door.  And lots of parking.  It just has one room but it also has a kitchen and a fire place, so can adjust to lots of needs.  And it fixes up beautifully.
They're both Brits but Dominic and his family have been in North Carolina for many years.  When Dominic had moved back to England he found and met Laura.  Her family came to NC for the wedding and it was just a family affair.
They're a wonderful couple.  I'm so glad that I got to be a small part of their lives, and to witness and experience their love for their families and their families' love for them..

They sent me this wonderful note:  'Dear Robin,
We made it home to England and now it's back to school and back to work- but what a summer!
So many happy memories were made during our time in America, and the highlight of course was our wonderful wedding. We can't thank you enough, for your part in our day. We can't imagine anybody doing such a wonderful job as you did, you truly let us have the wedding ceremony exactly as we wanted.
Just as you said, our license arrived on the Tuesday after the big day (tues 8/21). Such a quick process! ( things do not happen this quick in England!)
The day after our wedding my parents flew off to New York, before returning home, and Dominic and I travelled to the Outer Banks for a short honeymoon. On our return, we had a final week in Raleigh enjoying spending time with Dominic's parents, before heading home ourselves. We really didn't want to leave!
I have attached a few photos for you to select for your blog, we had so many from various cameras, it was hard to choose! But I think these sum up the day... Simple, Joyful, Family, Love.  Thanks again Robin, we couldn't have done it without you! All of our best wishes, Dominic and Laura.'

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