Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Eric and Heidi Have a Fabulous NC Wedding at Rock Quarry Farm

 This summer I had the delight to marry Heidi and Eric at Rock Quarry Farm B and B in Chapel Hill.  We had done all our planning from out of town but I got to meet them a year earlier when we decided that I would officiate their ceremony.  This venue was just right for them, and of course Camille, is a terrific hostess who makes everyone feel at home.
The processional was the title song from Juno, 'All I Want is You' by Barry Louis Polisar, that I just couldn't help but post on my Facebook page.  It makes me smile everytime I hear it, which is good on a stressful day. It was played to perfection by Miles, a great musician and Camille's son.   Here  is a youtube link for it:

In the ceremony we told a little about how they met:  'We have a professor in their graduate school program to thank for their blossoming love; a professor that was so boring that Heidi and Eric sat in the back of the room and looked over cookbooks, planning the meals that they would enjoy together, that gave them the unexpected room to grow their friendship that before too long kindled into love.'

During their ceremony two of their friends sang a song they wrote about marriage called 'Marriage is Good.'  That's what we're all smiling about in the top picture above.  We all loved the song and I asked them to publish the words.  These friends, a married couple, have two small children, one in her arms, and one by his knees, so you got the clear impression that they knew what they were talking about.

Thanks so much to Melissa Tuck, of Melissa Tuck Photography, who was our fabulous photographer for the day.  She was very generous, a joy to work with, and got wonderful pictures.  Check out her blog of the wedding, too, because it shows so many more of the charming and personal touches that Eric and Heidi had.  Here it is:

They had other wonderful wedding professionals you'll want to hear about:

Their Florist was Periwinkle Farms, Cathy Jones and Mike Perry 1061 White Cross Chapel Hill.  Since I couldn't find a link, here is their phone number:  919.933.6189.   Their cupcakes were by Daisy Cakes.  Their catering was by Crooks CornerCatering, Paul Covington, in Chapel Hill, and their musicians were BigFat Gap

They seemed to find the best of NC for all their vendors and to show NC off to their families and friends.

They are both very conscious, intelligent loving people who are much loved by their family and friends.  They also are concerned about the planet which is always lovely to see in a wedding.

Heidi wore her mother's wedding dress, refitted just a little to modernize it.  It was perfect.  Here is Eric telling her how beautiful she is.  
They had a Celtic Handfasting Ritual as part of their wedding using a cord they wove themselves.  In this ritual we bound their hands in marriage and literally 'tied the knot.'
What a great kiss.  I often have to tell couples not to kiss too fast.  No worries here.  Then they recessed to 'Celebration' by Kool and The Gang.
 Heidi's thank you hug was all I needed to make my day.  Their wedding was a joy.  And they went on their honeymoon to Iceland.  Since they now live in Phoenix, I wondered if they were missing the cold and so getting a really good dose.
 Their wedding party was in full array, the men natty each in their own way, the women charming in all these spring colors.  
When they got back from their honeymoon I got this lovely note:  'Hi Robin!
I just wanted to thank you again so much for such a perfect wedding ceremony! We thoroughly enjoyed the entire creative process and just loved having you officiate our wedding. We have gotten so many comments about how personal and meaningful the ceremony was, and how great you were. I really appreciate how you were able to slow everything down so we could soak in every second.... What an amazing memory.'

I feel better knowing that the stewardship of the planet passes on to people like them.  They add to the sum of goodness in the world.  It was a blessing to marry them.

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