Thursday, June 10, 2010

Josh and Adele at Haywood Hall

On April 17th, Josh and Adele had such a wonderful wedding at Haywood Hall. They had planned it from their home in Savannah, Georgia making the trip up when they had to but relying on wonderful professionals like Beth from The Irregardless Cafe who coordinated the planning and the rehearsal as well as provided the catering and the reception music by Ed Moon and The Stars (the Irregardless house band.)

The photographer Martha Manning took all these wonderful pictures, except the one of the house just above which Beth took during the ceremony from my Droid. (I love my Droid!)

Lindi Wang was the violinist. She was on the balcony above the couple which was a great spot for a single musician in this venue. Once in a Blue Moon provided their cake and Fresh Affairs was their florist.

They chose Raleigh as the central location between Washington, D.C. and Savannah.
Everyone had to travel to be at their ceremony, but no one had to travel really far. I love the Haywood House. Even though the city is busy of any given day. New Bern Avenue is shaded and available. And we did have to content with a busy spring day in Raleigh. Harley Davidson was having a convention so our ceremony was dotted with the roar of motorcycles and the sound of the emcee of their events.

But Josh, Adele, and all of us blocked out the occasional roar and just focused on the beautiful ceremony taking place, and the clear devotion of Adele and Josh to each other and to their moment of wedding.

I loved the way they made the day theirs. It was a delight to celebrate with them. And I felt a special kinship to their honeymoon since they were going to San Francisco, my home for so many years. I heard they had a great time.

They told me later that I had helped to make their ceremony one which was stress free and reflected them. Wonderful words to me because that's just what I had hoped for them.

And I wish them a lifetime of joy!

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