Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wes and Lori's Wedding in Spring Glory at Duke Gardens

Lori and Wes wanted a small, simple, yet tasteful ceremony. There would be under forty people at their ceremony. There would be no attendants, no rehearsal and they would be going to Costa Rica for their honeymoon. They had also just bought a house together and moved so their lives had been full to the brim. I was glad that the Spring weather cooperated and that the pergola at the Sarah P Duke Gardens in Durham was in full bloom. It fades so quickly and Lori and Wes caught the moment exactly right on April 10th.

Wes and I entered from the top steps and walked down the steps until I was one step up and he was at ground level. This created a more intimate ceremony appropriate to the feel they wanted to create. Here Wes and I are watching Lori enter on the arms of both her parents.

In their ceremony we remarked how grateful they are that life, in its mystery, led them to each other and that they got through those first dates to discover the love that was theirs to find.

They had met at a professional group in Raleigh and it took just a bit of time for them to really see all the wonderful facets of each other, and how much they were growing through knowing and appreciating each other. Love does find us in amazing ways and places, especially if we're open to it. They are both people with kind and generous hearts, which meant that hearts were also full to spilling over during the ceremony.

They requested a group picture of everyone right after the ceremony, and with forty people, it was fairly easy to comply. Then their wonderful photographer, Penny Noell, whisked them off for other great photos, like these below, before they went on to the Millennium Hotel in Durham for their reception.

A treat to add is that Lori's mother made their beautiful (and Lori says tasty) wedding cake. As a baker who has made professional wedding cakes before, I was quite amazed. Especially since they're from out of town. Try making this in someone else's kitchen!

In a recent email to me, Lori said: 'Wes and I are, indeed, having a wonderful time. :) I'm thankful every day that he found his way into my life.'

And I'm glad I could be there for such a special moment in their life.

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